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CYCLOTHON 2024 - Articles featured in Free Press, Facebook, Tarun Bharat etc on 28th Janurary, 2024 - 30th January, 2024



ARTICLE FEATURED IN MID-DAY regarding the launch of cyclothon on 23rd January to raise awareness about the cause of orthopedic disability - 15th January, 2024



ARTICLE FEATURED IN Lokmat ABOUT 3 day mobility CAMP TO PROVIDE PROSTHETIC AIDS from 9th to 11th January, 2024 - 7th January, 2024


Embrace Freedom: Witness Shailendra's Triumph!


Dive into "Shailendra's Triumph" and experience his transformation. With the innovative Ratnanidhi leg with knee joint, Shailendra defies limitations and becomes a beacon of hope and innovation. It's more than overcoming adversity; it's about inspiring potential in us all. Watch as he steps into a world of new possibilities. Be moved by his story, see the change in action, and join a future filled with freedom and hope.

Discover His Story! Watch Now and Join the Movement for a Brighter Future.

🚴‍♂️ Join the Movement: Cyclothon 2024 🚴‍♀️


Dear Champions of Change,

Ratna Nidhi's Cyclothon 2024 is a call to action - a pedal-powered journey led by Stefan Voormans to celebrate the unyielding spirit of inclusivity. This 510 km ride is not just a path across cities but a stride towards recognizing 'Ability in Disability'.

We invite you, our corporate allies and philanthropic visionaries, to rally with us. Every contribution, whether joining the ride or providing support, paves the way for a society that values every individual.

Embrace this chance for solidarity. Learn more and stand with us at [Ratna Nidhi's Cyclothon Ride]( Together, we can foster a world where diversity is our strength.

In unity and hope.

Annual Report 2022-23


Empowerment Beyond Limits: One Hand, Infinite Possibilities!


Imagine the heartbreak of losing a hand, the despair of thinking you can't pursue your passion again. Thakor vidhumsingh faced this very reality. But with the LN4 prosthetic hand from Ratnanidicharitable Trust Mumbai, he's not just back on his feet, he's steering his TRACTOR across his fields and embracing life's joys! 

Every rotation of the tractor's wheels, every grain harvested, is a testament to his indomitable spirit, sheer drive, and the transformative power of the LN4 prosthetic hand. It's not just a tool; it's a beacon of hope, symbolizing how adversity can be turned into triumph.

"With my LN4 hand, every sunrise brings new dreams, and every sunset, a day of victories. I'm not just surviving; I'm thriving!" - Thakor Vidhumsingh

Become a beacon of hope! Support our mission to change lives, one hand at a time.

Empower the Future of India: Sponsor a Mini Library Today!


Are you passionate about education and the future of India's youth? Join us in our mission to provide quality books to schools serving low and mid-income communities.

We recently gifted 200 diverse books to Asadullah Khan English High School & Junior College in Mumbra, Maharashtra. These books are shaping the minds of 5000 students, many of whom are first-generation learners.

Your sponsorship can help us reach more schools, offering students access to academic, reference, and storybooks under the guidance of dedicated teachers. Together, we can foster a love for learning and create brighter futures for young Indians.

Why Sponsor?
- Make a lasting impact on children's education
- Support schools with a mix of low and mid-income students
- Encourage learning and growth in communities that need it most.

To sponsor a mini library today. Your contribution can change lives and build a stronger India. Sponsor Now

Together, we can write a new chapter for India's youth. Join us now!

Angels of Mumbai - Article featured in Free Press Journal, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin