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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

During catastrophes, only a helping hand of support can revive hope and faith for the victims of the brutalities of nature.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable trust has always been in the forefront whenever such a natural upheaval has occurred by providing health, hygiene, education and survival kits to the victims. In addition to this we also provide prosthetic and orthopaedic aid to the injured, vocational training to the widows , temporary shelters, water storing facilities as well as schools.

We have always emerged with aid, all though the massive Gujarat Earthquake of 2001, the merciless tsunami of 2004 in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the violent flash floods in Mumbai of 2005, Bihar floods of 2008, Nargis Cyclone of Myanmar in 2008, Haiti Earthquake of 2010 and the Leh Ladhak floods of 2010, Nepal Earthquake 2015, Gujarat Floods of 2017

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  • Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

    Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

  • Bihar Floods 2008

    Bihar Floods 2008

  • Mumbai Marathon - 2016

    Mumbai Marathon - 2016