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Other Projects

Other Projects

Hospital Equipments

Hospital Equipments

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust also imports State of the art medical equipments from USA and Germany and donates them to hospitals and institutions doing humanitarian work. The finest quality of equipments include Hospital beds, Dental chairs, wheelchairs, physiotherapy machines as well as several types of accessories and consumables used in hospitals.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training

The city of Mumbai attracts millions of migrants every year. A majority of these constitute children and youth who are exploited. Tragically, they end up living on the pavements and become prey to starvation and exploitation.

Project mainstream was thus initiated with the thought that every such child has immense latent capabilities that need to be harnessed. It thus adopted an innovative approach to impart business training and vocational skills. In addition, the much-needed micro credit facility was established to enable the setting-up of a mini enterprise.

The project trains the children in various skills across industries viz; Domestic help, Home management, Small scale manufacturing of common, non-durable household products, Drivers, Security Guards, Electricians and other similar vocations. It boasts of having trained over 56,000 beneficiaries who are now gainfully employed.


Business - on - Wheels


Business  on Wheels


Shuruat Mobility Business on Wheels is a project launched in Mumbai in collaboration with Shuruat Ltd ( - an international firm that incubates innovative products & solutions for the base of the pyramid.

Our goal is to enable the physically challenged to run successful street-vending businesses on tricycles and thereby earn a steady income.

Project Description:

A significant proportion of physically challenged individuals across India – victims of polio, spinal deformation and amputation – are young adults of working age. Poverty, illiteracy and unemployment rates are very high for this segment and many of these individuals struggle to achieve financial independence throughout their lives.

This project involves the distribution of Shuruat’s innovative tricycles to the physically challenged. These tricycles are designed to not only enable the physically challenged to become mobile, but to also enable them to run street vending businesses whilst seated on the tricycles – selling foods, drinks, packaged goods and more.

Together with the distribution of tricycles, we provide initial financing, support and guidance to beneficiaries to help them build successful micro-businesses. 

We are currently running pilot projects in Mumbai. To find out more about this project please contact us at


Safe Kids


Safe Kids

"The creation of Safe Kids Foundation in India is a logical continuation of the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust's work to help children of all backgrounds lead better lives."

Safe Kids Foundation was set up in India in October of 2006 with the aim of preventing unintentional childhood injury. This is an addition to the Safe Kids Worldwide family of coalition partners. The organization works in close collaboration with Safe Kids Worldwide for the benefit of children in India. The target group and primary focus of our work is children below 14 years of age. On a worldwide level, accidents kill 1.3 million children annually. In India, this number is around 60, 000. Many more are disabled.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs 15, 935 children ages 14 and younger were reported as killed by unintentional injuries in India in 2010 (source: Accidental Deaths in India by National Crime Records Bureau) An injury or accident may permanently disable a child which is catastrophic for a family and has enormous emotional, social, and economic consequences for the family.

Research however shows that most accidents occur due to human error. With the right mix of education, environmental changes and people working together for the benefit of children,  we could prevent many of the unintentional injuries and deaths that affect millions of families across the globe.

Safe Kids Foundation started its work in the sphere of road safety by launching its first program ‘Walk This Way’ in October, 2007. This program educates both the school and non-school going children about ‘Pedestrian Safety’ thus creating and strengthening their awareness of the hazards on the road. It also conducts interactive sessions for parents, teachers and volunteers.

FedEx Express supports the Walk This Way program.

To know more about the activities of Safe Kids Foundation click here.


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