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Medical Camps in India

Medical Camps in India
Medical Camps are focused on battling disability and health complication mainly focusing on disability, Vision, Dental Care, Malnutrition check, Childhood Illnesses, Respiratory & Diseases, essential neurological and General Check Ups.
These medical camps in India provide free Artificial Prosthetics for the disabled, Physiotherapy treatments, Cataract surgeries, Vision Correction and Spectacle donation, Cancer screening & Treatment, Pediatric consultations, Diagnostic tests conducted by IIT patented devices, Blood pressure and Sugar checkup, Dental care treatment and General Check Ups for low income groups who cannot afford quality medical services.

Our Recent Camps & Activites

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    CYCLOTHON 2020 - Cyclist to Register

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    Chandrapur Medical Camp 2019

  • Mumbai Marathon - 2016

    Mumbai Marathon - 2016