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Trustees of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust
Mahendra Mehta- Trustee At Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust
Mahendra Mehta, one of the most well-known and respected international Rotarians of his generation, was born in Antwerp, Belgium. Over two decades ago, he initiated the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust with financial resources from his own family and friends. Since then he has been a worldwide force to help children across the globe in a multitude of ways. In India alone, Mahendra Mehta was credited for helping over 2 million children through an assortment of educational, medical, developmental and various other initiatives. However, India is not the only part of the world that has benefited from Mahendra Mehta’s philanthropy. He has helped tens of thousands of children in Kenya, Afghanistan, Burundi, Honduras, Dominican Republic.

Mahendra Mehta embraced the character qualities of generosity, compassion, and spirit. His commitment to children through a multiplicity of outreach projects that seek to touch children who are the ‘poorest of the poor’ are a testament to his genuine concerns about giving them better lives. Mehta did not limit his contribution solely to his community, but gave of himself globally. He motivated, inspired, and brought like-minded people and humanitarians together to perpetuate an ingrained philosophy of philanthropy. Selflessly he gave and inspired others to remember those who go without. Mahendra Mehta’s life mission was to transform the lives of children, helping them to reach their full potential even if they come from the streets and the worst possible economic conditions imaginable. From helping children during times of crisis to facilitating medical assistance, Mahendra Mehta gives children throughout the world something we all need.
Mrs. Asha Mehta
While Mr. Mehta was the visionary behind the Trust, Mrs. Asha Mehta is its backbone. She is the mother who cares for and nurtures the life and future of thousands of children with her benevolence.

Their son, Mr. Rajiv Mehta is our new trustee.

He has a vison to expand the scope of the mission with his enthusiasm, zeal and dynamic approach.