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Small Business Development

Small Business Development

Our Small Business Development programe aims to make entrepreneurs out of street children so that they can run their own business. A business where they procure the raw materials, manufacture their own products and market them as well. 

The training comprises of just a half or a full day course. The curricullum is simple yet effective to understand and covers the major skils required to run and manage a business.

During the triaining the participants are first made to realise the importance of earning an independent income and running their own business.

Further on they discuss as to what is business, what are the qualities and skills required to be a businessman.

Post this they discuss about the product that they are going to learn to make and sell, its uses, qualities, storage properties and so on. 

Additionaly, they are given details of where and how to procure the raw  materials required and at what cost. Also where such a product will sel, who are the customers and what are the good times to sell it.

After the participants have a fair idea of the above topics they are taught how to make it. This involves practicals, where each students gets to see how it is made and then make it on his own. 

They are also given a fair idea of the profitability of the product so that they are aware of the market rates and are not in for a loss. 

Further, they are trained to begin thinking as to how they can expand the business in the future.

Care is taken to select businesses or products that are easy to learn, are easily marketable and can be produced with minimum investment.

Here is a list of businesses that we teach":

1. Agarbatti/inscence sticks

2. Candles

3. Perfumes

4. Phenyl

5. Liquid Soap

6. Detergent Powder

7. Soap Cakes

8. Paper Bags

9. Envelopes

10. Jam 

11. Sharbat / Syrups

12. Pickles

13. Tea

14. Sandwich

15. Wadapav

16. Artificial Flowers

17. Gajra

18. Rakhee (Seasonal)

19. Kandeel

20. Makhar 

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