Would you like our infrastructure of Bus Stops and Gardens to be Disabled Friendly, making our city inclusive?
How nice it will be that Disabled people can travel to work if Bus Stops are disabled friendly and disabled children and people can come to the garden to enjoy the nature and play.
We have launched projects in collaboration with Corporate's to make our infrastructure accessible namely bus stops and gardens.
See the Images and working below. Join us to make our city a better place.
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We invite companies and individuals to collaborate and support us to create environment inclusive of all the people from the society.
According to Census 2011, information on eight types of disability (disability in seeing, in hearing, in speech, in movement, in mental retardation, in mental illness, any other, and multiple disabilities) has been collected.
Based on this study, it is observed that in India, 2.21% (2.68 Cr. out 121 Cr.) of the total population comes under the ‘disabled’ category. In spite of this reality, only 3% of the buildings are accessible and functional for a person with a disability.
The prevalent current infrastructure, like sidewalks or doorways, is too narrow for a wheelchair, scooter, or walker. Even in office set ups, desks are too high for a wheelchair user or any other mobility device.
Poor lighting makes it difficult to see for a person with low vision or a person who lip-reads. Door knobs are difficult to use for a person with arthritis.

Accessible and Friendly

We at Ratnanidhi believe in an inclusive environment for all. Whilst working in the sector for over 25 years, we realized that the system or infrastructure wasn’t inclusive or thought through for a person with disability.
Since 2017, we are committed towards providing healthcare and mobility aid to the disabled. Mobility aid and healthcare treatments are expensive.
A disabled person who hails from a financially disadvantaged background finds it difficult to afford a prolonged treatment or a mobility aid.
From 2020, we aim at expanding our efforts with a mission to provide accessible and friendly public transport services and gardens to the disabled.
We aim to focus on an intervention which can provide optimum benefits to the community. This will lead towards creating an ecosystem that is conducive for the disabled resulting in an inclusive environment for all.
Following will be intervention types:
Bus stops
Inclusive disabled friendly
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