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Disaster Relief

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

 “Could you please give us something to wear? Something warm preferably.

We never imagined that we would ever have to ask for such basic necessities. Yesterday we slept in the warm comfort of our cozy homes and here we are today huddling together in makeshift tents trying to keep our selves warm.

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

Today our sustenance is dependent on the kindness shown by people like you. Thank you for reminding us that only humanity stands tall in times of dire need.”

Friends, given all the hardships they had to go through, the weather has not at all been on the side of the Nepal Earthquake victims. The elements showed no mercy to the homeless masses as thunderstorms rumbled over Kathmandu. More bad weather is forecasted for the region in the coming days. 

we at Ratna Nidhi Trust have given 3519 Garments, 1110 packets of sing/chana as food packets, 900 Blankets and 16 cartons of biscuits.

Aid MaterialsBasic Supplies for Nepal People

 Local Rotary Network  in Nepal was personally involved in distributing all aid materials to victims in Nepal to ensure proper last mile delivery.