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Disaster Relief

Bihar Floods 2008

Bihar Floods 2008

 May 2008 was a black month for over 18 districts of Bihar that were ravaged by floods in the Kosi river. Nearly 3 million men, women & children were rendered homeless and facing starvation due to lack of food and drinking water.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trustmade a valiant effort to outreach thousands of survivors to whom it distributed hygiene kits, protein supplements and survival kits comprising garments, stove, utensils and other articles of daily necessity.

All relief materials were securely packed and labeled to avoid pilferage and misuse.

Special teams from Mumbai took the materials by train as this was the safest and fastest mode of transportation.

Distribution in the worst affected districts was supervised personally to ensure that the materials reached the beneficiaries.

Having completed the immediate post disaster relief the trust is now planning for long term relief efforts including construction of homes for the affected farmers and community based drinking water plants because during the recent floods there was an acute shortage of potable drinking water.

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