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Gujarat Medical Centre - Opening on 20th January, 2021

The year 2021 brings Hope and Aspirations to all of us.We are pleased to announce that on 20th january 2021 we are opening our Gujarat Medical Centre.
Constructed on 3 acre plot of land in Palanpur city ( our native place ) 5000 sq ft of very good quality building built by one of the finest architecht of is situated on National Highway 9 on main road surrounded by 1 college and 2 schools amongst large rural population of the Banaskantha district.
We are inaugurating by doing 1st mobility camp in Guajrat for 200 disabled people followed by monthly camp at our centre for 30/40 disabled so that annually we are able to rehabilitate close to 500/600 disabled people to walk again with pride & dignity
We are also setting up 10,000 books Reading Room for village students & plans are afoot to set up a Comptuer Training Centre for our Disabled Beneficiaries of the Banaskantha District.
Rotary club of Palanpur City is working alongwith to put in execution
It was dream of Mahendrabhai-my father and founder of Ratnanidhi to set up a Center of Execllence for Disbaled in India and had purchased this plot of land..Over past 5 years we have constructed the centre and now we are starting it
The Dream of Yesterday is the Hope of Today and the Reality of Tomorrow.

Certificate of Appreciation & Thanks Giving COVID 19 From Yatra Ek Raah - Affiliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India




Thank you GTSABERA2020 'Humanity beyond Calamity' - Change Maker of the Year award

GTSABERA & GRANT THORTON BHARAT LLP social & business enterprise responsible award is an initiative which highlights inspiring stories of individuals and organisations who have made a lasting impact during covid.
This is an affirmation of the extraordinary work being done by Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust and being able to rise upto the occasion in times of need and showing exemplary courage by its team in making a difference in the community we live in.

Janmabhoomi Pravasi - 13th December, 2020 - Article on how Ratna Nidhi has Helped in providing equal access to a library of books to the under privileged children


Free Press Newspaper 12th December, 2020 - Article on Free Distribution of Prosthetic\'s (Jaipur Foot) & other Mobility Aids at a camp organized by Rotary Club of Mumbai Jewels & BMC




COVID-19 Training: Guidelines for work during the COVID 19 Pandemic - 28 October, 2020


Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has organised a special training for its entire staff to stay safe during the pandemic. The training covered the following

(i)            Quick and must take precautions during work, dealing with people

(ii)          Importance of mask

(iii)        Importance of washing hands

(iv)       Measures to take if a patient/ beneficiary has COVID like symptoms

(v)          Questions when a patient/ beneficiary comes for the check-up

(vi)        Measures to take once the patient/ beneficiary leaves

(vii)      Social distancing norms and ensuring these are followed

(viii)    SOPs at the centre and during camps

The training was conducted by Dr. Nilim Gada on 21.10.2020. Dr. Gada is currently working in the COVID ward is very well versed with the current government norms. This knowledge has enabled us to prepare apt and correct SOPs which are now being followed at our centre. With this training, the work of ensuring mobility through callipers, prosthetics is now initiated.

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50 Oxygen Concentrators Donated to Department of Public Health of Maharashtra, In collaboration with Tamasek Foundation, Singapore - 28th October, 2020


In collaboration with Tamasek Foundation, Singapore, we donated 50 ‘Oxygen Concentrators’ to Department of Public Health of Maharashtra.


Minister of Public Health, Maharashtra expressed his gratitude to Tamasek Foundation and Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust,

Chief Executive -Tamasek foundation – Mr. Benedict.

Hon Councel General of Singapore, in Mumbai - Mr.Gavin Chay.

Ratna Nidhi Trust - Mr.Rajiv Mehta.

Minister of Public Health Maharashtra – Rajesh Tope.

IAHV Trust - Mr.Ramesh Raman.

SingHealth Singapore - Dr.Vijaya Rao.

Mentors Foundation - Dr.Santosh Bhosale.


Thank you letter by the Department of Public Health


We thank you for being a part of our journey and all your support in helping us achieve our vision.