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Ratna Nidhi Library

WISDOM TREE - An innovative, attractive, and easy-to-access library that can be installed even in Doctor clinics, schools and colleges with space limitations.

WISDOM TREE - An innovative, attractive, and easy-to-access library that can be installed even in Doctor clinics, schools and colleges with space limitations.



Even a Disadvantaged

child can have BIG dreams

if it is raised by

a library






Quickly now, think of the 5 books that had an eventful impact on your life. Now imagine, if today’s budding brilliant minds would read them. Especially those deprived of optimal education. Like those belonging to the many schools from the low-income or rural and remote pockets of India which lack even a mentionable collection of books; let alone the space to build a library.

With Mission Million Books we now aim to resolve both these problems through one innovative solution


1 sq.ft.of space,


vibrating with


countless ideas

Today, Mission Million Books is proud to be collecting and donating over 700 books every day to children and students across India through exhibitions and direct shipments to low-income schools & colleges. 

Now, Ratna Nidhi embarks on an even more ambitious journey - donating not just books, but also a library that can be easily installed in any Doctor clinics, school and college within just 1 sq.ft. of space.

--------- PRESENTING ---------


An innovative, attractive, and easy-to-access library

that can be installed even in Doctor clinics, schools and colleges with space limitations.



"I thank you for the kind donation of 158 library books & a wooden cupboard."

- A.K.I Mohd Ali MithaUrdu High School (Girls)

 "We would like to express your good gesture about our mini library of school with 229 books."

- Arya Gurukul

"You also extended your cooperation further by providing 190 such books along with their shelves."

- Chikitsak Samuha Shirolkar High School

"I would like to thank you on behalf of my entire school staff and students for donating a mini library including 250 books and a cupboard to our school."

- Crescent English School

 "The gift of the wooden book stand and diverse books for our diagnostic centre's waiting room has been transformative. It's a much-appreciated alternative to the usual TV, keeping our patients engaged and the books organized."

- Dr. Rohit Malik - A.R. Medical Centre

 "I, Dr. Abhishek, am overwhelmed with gratitude for the beautiful library provided to our clinic. It has become a sanctuary of joy and learning for our patients."

- Dr. Abhishek Dubey, Smile studio

"I would like to thank you for providing us with the library cupboard and 204 new books."

- Gurukul English HighSchool & College

"We would like to thank you for the wooden cupboard which will be very useful to us to store an ample quantity of books."

- New Sri Vani VidyashalaHigh School.

Fascinating Features:

• Occupies only 1 sq.ft. of space • Holds upto 70 books • Is easy to access & manage

• Looks attractive & appealing to students • Will be donated to low-income schools and colleges across India

• Will hold books that will expand knowledge of the courses offered, and also inspire in life

With the help of generous donations, we aim to place at least 5000 Wisdom Trees in the coming few months. If you wish to contribute to this cause, you may find the details in the donation form enclosed separately

Books give birth to not just ideas,

but idols as well.

The library is where students learn what a teacher fails to teach. All the above icons of India, and hundreds of others, learned just as much from books as they did from life. The insights, inspiration, and ideas they gathered from the amalgamation of the two paved the path to becoming idols for children who come from similar backgrounds. And will mean, even more so, to those who are yet to discover the pages about these icons of inspiration.With enlightening books on every branch, the Wisdom Tree nestles the encouragement and support the capable low-income youth needs today. And that is certainly attainable through generosity, compassion, and faith of donors and partners like you.

Libraries always remind me that there are

good things in this world.                                                 – Lauren Ward

If you are aware of the efforts Ratna Nidhi has been putting in the direction of building the dreams of budding minds, you would be happy to know that since 2016 over 9 lac books have been donated and 4000 libraries for children have been established. 

Our technology, network, and deep desire to make quality education accessible to every child are driven by the dream of building a bright, bold, and brave future for India.

Ratna Nidhi and its Donors

share more than just a dream.

Many great minds in India first shined the light of brilliance in the depths of darkness.

And they all dedicate their success to known and unknown individuals who supported them through their deeds of kindness.

Selfless acts are born out of empathy and hope. They are a way of thanking the universe for guiding us. It is our way of lending support the way we received, and at times, didn’t. We play our part,

so that tomorrow, someone else can too. That is the only possible means for humanity to survive - through true acts of support, compassion, and placing faith in the future.


----------------------- Let’s keep the hope alive.

------------------- Let’s build the future of India, together.

----- Let’s help budding minds shine their brilliance on to the world.

Let’s help a disadvantaged child be raised by a Library.



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