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Health & Mobility

Camp at Dhanbad – 11th to 13th Apr 2015

Camp at Dhanbad – 11th to 13th Apr 2015

 Dhanbad is the largest city in the state of Jharkhand. It is also known as the coal capital of India.

 Dhanbad is famous for its coal mining and has some of the largest mines in India. Tata SteelBCCL, ECL and IISCO (Indian Iron And Steel Company) are some of the companies having coal mines in the district. 

On one hand where Dhanbad is famous for its coal mines and industrial establishments with 112 coal mines, on the other hand these mines sometimes act as a cause of infection for their workers. As a result of this infection their legs have to be amputated.

This bitter fact became our driving force to have a screening camp in the city of Dhanbad. A team of 4 Technicians & our Project coordinator headed to Dhanbad. We did a 3 day screening camp at Damien Social Welfare Centre. Untiringly our technicians worked hard diagnosing and taking measurements of hundreds of disabled people who came to our camp. Under the able management of our Project Head, this screening camp was successfully concluded with below statistics:

Jaipur Foot – 78

Calipers – 54

Crutches – 45

Hearing Aid – 222

Total - 399