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Book Donation

Sapno Ka Pitara

Sapno Ka Pitara


Right Now, a Child's Dream Hangs in Balance.   

You have the power. Right this moment, to light a spark that changes everything. 

Imagine a world where every child holds the key to their own dreams. Where barriers to knowledge and imagination are torn down by the simple act of opening a book. This world is not as far off as it might seem. Sapno Ka Pitara makes it possible. 

It’s Not Just a Library. It’s a Revolution.  

Tucked within each Sapno Ka Pitara is a universe of dreams. Twenty-five books. Each one a door to new possibilities, new worlds, new dreams.   

But it’s in danger of remaining locked away.   

Every Child Deserves a Story.  

In the heartlands of INDIA, countless children are on the brink of discovering their love for reading. Of discovering their potential. Their right to dream. 

But without your help, these books, these dreams, might never reach them.   

For Just Rs 1500, You Can Turn the Key. 

This isn’t just about donating books. It’s about igniting a movement. With Rs 1500, you can send a Sapno Ka Pitara library, complete with 20 books, into the hands of eager learners, ready to explore, learn, and grow. 

Your contribution has the power to transform lives.    

Join the Mission Million Book Project.  


Be part of something bigger. Ratnanidhi’s Mission Million Book Project isn’t just an initiative. It’s a testament to the belief that education should know no boundaries. 

Your Support Lights Up Lives. 

Every donation sparks a light in a young mind. It’s a promise of a brighter tomorrow. A promise that every child can hold onto a book and believe in a future filled with endless possibilities. 

This is Your Moment.  

The future of thousands of children is in your hands. Will you turn the key?   

Donate Sapno Ka Pitara Now.  

Let’s not just dream of a better future. Let’s make it a reality, one book, one child, one dream at a time.

Because when a child opens a book, they open their mind to a world where anything is possible. Where they can be anything, do anything, dream anything.

And it starts with you.


PS: If you believe in a world where every child can dream, join us beyond a donation. Spread the word, share the vision, and be the ambassador of change in your community. Be the voice that makes India read. 


"I am principal of Smt.Vatsalatai Patil Girl's High School and junior college, Gargoti. Your initiative is valuable for the hilly and rural areas for girls students to come in the main stream of the society. We have received your books. These books are really valuable and useful for our students as well as teachers  for our college. We are grateful for your kind help."
- Smt.Vatsalatai Patil Girl's High School and junior college, Gargoti
"Thank you for hanging wall library which is really very useful and handy item. It helps to display books / magazines for ready reference etc. it is attractive and easy access to children  of all ages. Children are enjoying  reading the  books. Thank you for this innovative ideas."
SR.Sherley Joseph, Coordinator - FMM SSS.
"On behalf of everyone at REAP (Reach Education Action Programme), I wanted to extend our deepest  gratitude to Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust for your generous donation of 5 libraries, "Sapno ka Pitara" to our REAP centers. We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully installed these libraries, and the response from our students has been  nothing  short of enthusiatic. Your support has not only provided our students with access to books but has also ignited a passion for reading and learning. We firmly believe that education is the key to empowering individuals and transforming communities, and your contribution plays a significant role in this endeavor. Once again, thank you for your kindness and generosity."
Joy Fernandes S. J, Director - REAP (Reach Education Action Programme)