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Food for Education

They are enveloped in hunger. But you can be their saviour. Lost for smiles. But you can return it to their lives…by gifting a meal TODAY!

They are enveloped in hunger. But you can be their saviour. Lost for smiles. But you can return it to their lives…by gifting a meal TODAY!

With a humble heart and deep gratitude, Ratna Nidhi is truly grateful for every ounce of your support that it has received in the past. Owing to this we have been able to help the less privileged in several ways. And while the world battles many ills, compassionate individuals like yourself created hope in the most pressing times of the pandemic with initiatives like Mission Million Khichdi.

 May the hunger of the stomach never precede the hunger for accomplishing the dreams. 

 A young shero. A dreamer. A champion of right. Shruti Bhosale. 

Shruti, who is a part of a joint family, currently is studying in standard 10th at the Navjeevan Vidyalaya, Bandra. Ridiculed for her appearance as a tomboy, Shruti is survived by her father who is an electrician. Losing her mother at the age of 3, seeing her father re-marry, having an aunt who won’t even pack food for her, and being surrounded by disapproving grandmother, Shruti’s life has never seen the true support of a mother figure. Someone who feeds.  

Yet, the fierce Shruti attends her school without a fuss. When kids her age are dunked behind the screens, young Shruti is beating the odds with extraordinary skateboarding stunts and desires to take her skills ahead to be reckoned as a National Level Skateboarder someday. And that’s not all, she reads and likes to keep herself ahead academically, loves to care for animals, and even has a plan ready of becoming an IAS officer. All of this at just 15. 

But imagine Shruti's throbbing ambition discarded in vain due to a case of extreme hunger.I

Imagine the fearless Shruti as a fearful Shruti whose future would be lost for a basic resource like food. Imagine...

Hunger-stricken India. 
Today, while the country is advancing, the Global Hunger Index ranks India at 65 out of 84 countries, where more than 200 million face classroom hunger. A shocking statistic, that we sleep on with ease.  
Children from marginalized slums, vulnerable backgrounds, dysfunctional families, low-income groups, displaced communities, impoverished homes, cramped nooks and crannies, and even large units try to find a way to battle hunger each day while they are at school.
The persistent hunger ends up making children less developed, where their cognitive abilities, focus, decision-making skills, engagement, interaction, absorption, ideation, and most importantly health, bear a terrible brunt.
On our way to erase the footprint of starving bellies.
This gut-wrenching state of children propelled the founder of Ratna Nidhi, the late Mr. Mahendra Mehta, and his wife to start an initiative in 1998 to eradicate widespread hunger. So that no child is deprived of a basic necessity like food regardless of their situation. And their education doesn’t take the beating at the cost of hunger.  

The vision of The Food for Education Program (FFE).  
The Food for Education Program (FFE) was launched with a vision to give free nutritious food to children so that they are miles away from the ills of malnutrition, poor health, and educational hindrances.

 The route of Ratna Nidhi’s FFE. 

- Food is prepared and supervised by an experienced team of Rajasthani cooks.

- Grains are properly selected and there is no compromise on it.

- A nutritional menu is planned as per the liking of children. 

- Regular field visits and feedback from school children and staff.  




- An economical and feasible system has been deployed to ensure seamless service.

- Meals are reached through bicycles to nearby locations.

- In the pre-covid times, we hired delivery vans to ensure the meals were sent across. But now we have our own delivery vans to facilitate the delivery service across schools.

- All meals reach in time before lunch break for the children.


- Khichdi & Sweet

- Roti & Pulses

- Rice & Dal  

- Roti & Pulses

- Rice & Dal

- Vegetable Khichdi & Sweet 

This time you have a chance to make your birthday a memorable day not just for yourself but for starving children too.  
Birthdays come. Birthdays go. The day passes in a fleeting exchange of Happy Birthdays. But now, this day can be more than what it is. Through your generous donation, you can help reach hunger-stricken children, women, underprivileged families, and senior citizens. This step will further our Mission Million Khichdi and relieve the needy of their hunger for free for 7 days, with home-cooked, nutritious meals by Ratna Nidhi.
Gift 1 Meal for Rs.20/- paying using UPI at ratnanidhi@kotak
An overwhelming change in their words boosts us to do more and kindles the hope that you’ll be on a mission with us too.
“In our school, Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust is giving food to our children. The quality of food is good. It is tasty as well as healthy for the children. The meal gets feeding to the children who are not able to get lunch box in school due to certain reason, which is helpful, our students’ education and health.” - Rehana Teacher, Educare/ Shivneri, Manadala, Mankhurd
“Food is very tasty and healthy. Our children eat this meal daily. They like this food. They are waiting for meal every day and once it come they first go and see what is there in the tiffin. They like chauli and Rajma along with Khuchadi and Shira. We had food arrangement before RNCT but this food is better than theirs. We have children who are not carry lunch due to few reason are now able to eat everyday a qualitative, healthy food which is nutritious.” - Savitribai Phule: Bandhekar Sir
“From the time we have introduced meals in our Balwadi it has been an asset for us and we now have a room full of children that get quality learning and nourishment. Also the children are so eager and await the meal time. Thank you.” - Balwadi Teacher – Shamiunisha mohammad shaikh
We’ve come a long way, but we still have miles to go. 

- Since 1998, since the inception of the initiative, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has had the privilege and honor to serve nutritious and fresh meals to nearly 2.6 Cr children.

- In the current times, we send out meals to nearly 2200 children daily across 15 to 20 areas all over Mumbai.

- We have ensured to provide daily nutritious meals to schools such as:

a) Non-aided vernacular schools that do not qualify for the Govt. Mid-Day Meal.
b) Pre-schools in urban areas where ICDS meals are not provided.
c) Night schools that do not receive any welfare benefits.
d) NGOs for street children where children from marginalized communities are present.

And all of this has ushered in a wave of change. 

- Healthier, fitter children. 

- Gain of good weight.

- Decline of dropouts.

- Increase in school attendance.

- Improved performance and interaction in the classroom. 


 There is a child somewhere who hasn’t eaten for days.

There is a child somewhere whose hands tremble to ask for a bite.

There is a child somewhere who hasn’t seen a basic meal on his plate. 
Let's do everything we can to keep the little ones and the less privileged from the clutches of hunger.
I would, therefore, personally like to invite you to join this noble cause. 

Please Note: To help us reach out to more schools with nutritious meals, please click on Donate Now button to Donate online. We’d be grateful for your gesture and the children will be forever indebted to you.


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