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Food for Education

Donate Food For EducationYou can help us curb hunger and ensure their good health!

You can help us curb hunger and ensure their good health!

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust provides free, home-cooked food to children attending any formal or informal educational institution. This is a major step taken by RNCT with an aim to eradicate hunger and malnourishment in kids.
The institutions may be schools providing formal education or NGOs providing informal education. These are unaided vernacular medium schools, Non-profit organizations, Night schools that do not receive any governmental aids like the Mid-day meal. These schools have students coming from lower income groups. Since getting a day’s meal is difficult these kids come to school hungry which leads to a lack of concentration in studies. Kids drop-out of schools to help in their family income. RNCT's 'Food For Education' program has had a significant impact on school dropout rates.

Donate Food For Education India

Rohit is 13 and is an ace batsman and terrific break dancer. He helps his mother and sister in collecting scrap. Due to a meager income, they find it difficult to have even one full meal a day. Rohit receives informal education from the Aasra Welfare Society at the education center.
He receives a meal during his school hours from RNCT’s 'Food For Education' Program. He is beaming with joy since he sometimes gets two meals a day of which one is definite at school. Rohit lives by his simple motto ‘Jaldi Khao, aaram se likho.’

Food for Education Programme Food for Education Program India

Ashraf is a very hardworking and obedient boy. Apart from schooling he works as a cook at Delight Snacks and Juice centre in Shivaji Nagar. His father is unemployed and his mother does embroidery work at home. His shoulders are burdened with earning the family a source of income. The food provided by Ratna Nidhi is his day’s first meal. It provides him with the energy to study and work efficiently.
Since 1998, RNCT has served fresh and nutritious meals to 2.6 Cr+ children.

Food For Education India

A special team of Rajasthani cooks prepare the meals under direct supervision. The food partners are selected and evaluated very carefully to provide the best quality of food to kids.
The teachers are overwhelmed to see the change in their students. They believe that the students have become more responsive and attentive. The parents are happy and assured that their kids receive atleast one nutritious meal a day. This program has garnered a positive response from the kids as well. They have developed a good attention span and have improved on their health.
Your donation will not only ensure their good health but also will help them to concentrate on their education. Imagine the kind of happiness your donation can spread around you.
You can be the reason a kid studies happily with a full tummy!