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Health & Mobility

Dakor Camp 2014

Dakor Camp 2014

By Reaching out to those in Need We Aim to Reach Within Their Lives.
A shocking figure of over 2% of India's population is physically disabled. Of these a large number reside in rural areas. In a day and age when various innovative ideas are available to rehabilitate the disabled, it is unfortunate that most of the rural disabled people yet do not have adequate access to this. With this as the motivation Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has worked to create an extensive reach by organizing small as well as big camps in Palitana, Patan, Srinagar, Leh, Jamnagar, Kargil, Guntur, Dharamshala, Rajouri and many more places across India.
This time around the camp was held on the 21st to 23rd February 2014 at the pilgrimage town of Dakor in Gujarat, famous for its Ranchhodrai Temple.
Set up in the premises of Ranchodrai Trust's school that was used exclusively for the project, the camp received unprecedented response. The camp was managed by 22 persons of our staff, in the Technical and Administration
departments apart from 15-20 local volunteers. Extensive publicity was done for the camp to ensure that maximum disabled people can benefit from it. With the generous support of Rotary Club of Hanging Garden, Mumbai and Share and Care Foundation, USA, the camp rehabilitated orthopedically handicapped and hearing impaired by distributing about 1365 appliances thus giving a new lease of life to poorest of the poor disabled people from the districts in and around Dakor.
The orthopedically handicapped beneficiaries got free Calipers for the polio afflicted, Jaipur foot for the amputees, as well as Wheelchairs, Tricycles and Crutches. Every hearing impaired patient who came for the camp, underwent an audiology test and was given the appropriate hearing aid.
Orthopedic products such as L.S belts, knee pads and neck supports were distributed amongst those who have been rendered immobile due to age. A simple waist belt is a boon to women in rural India who have to do a lot of physical work at the fields, to fetch water as well as running basic chores at home.
The uniqueness of the camp
The uniqueness of the project is that a patient who came to the camp in the morning was screened, measured and the prosthetic fabricated and fitted by early evening when the patient left for home. Each patient is a different case. Its not just about giving away an appliance. A technicians job involves discussion, planning,
innovation and above all ensuring that the patient is made Mobile!
Some of the stories from the Camp
Gautam is a child with a special disability. His one leg is amputated while the other leg is not strong enough to support an artificial limb. The technicians came up with an innovative idea of giving him Jaipur Foot
for one leg and Caliper for the other. Unfortunately both his legs were cross which made it difficult for him to walk. Hence his appliances were designed to overcome this as well.
Babubhai Patel tried in many places to get his foot made, unfortunately he was refused as he had a boneless mass of flesh on his stump. Our technicians tactfully handled this by making an above the knee prosthetic, and cut a gap to give space for the loose flesh.
In the words of  Madhuben “Our compound is very huge and outside there is the Mahadev Mandir. I tell my husband to take me there. He drops me there and goes to work. I have to wait till he comes back. Now that I have got this Wheelchair I can go on my own and come back. I will not have to wait for so long.”
Bhishu bhai says “To travel the short distance to work, I had to spend money on public transport while others just walked up. Now with this tricycle it will become very easy to go to my workplace. Thank you very much for it.”
Sanjay, A student says “I met with an accident and my leg had to be cut. I was finding it difficult to go to school. I can't find words to express my gratitude for this leg. I feel my life has been made!!!”
Kalpana ridden with polio, at the age of 2 is now ecstatic to be able to stand the with the support of calipers. Her wide toothed smile speaks for itself.
CALIPERS           355              
JAIPUR FOOT        42
CRUTCHES        112
TRICYCLE             20
TOTAL         1365
You can watch an interesting video of this camp on our channel www.youtube.com/ratnanidhi