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Health & Mobility

Camp For The Disabled - 8.2.14

Camp For The Disabled - 8.2.14

 Camp For The Disabled

Project Organised by Rotary Club of Bombay – Worli and Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

On the 8th of February a  Camp For the Disabled was organisedat our permament center in Mahalaxmi Mumbai, 100  physically disabled were expected to come to the camp to benefit from Jaipur foots, calipers, wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids, to ensure a better living of impaired people and to help them carry on their daily activities.

For amputees the Jaipur foot is a boon and has been found to be the most preferred prosthetic as it is light in weight, fast & easy to fabricate and cost effective. Moreover, Physiotherapy techniques were taught post fitment of Jaipur foot to train the disabled to make use of the aids in an optimum manner.

Other than the jaipur foot procedures explained previously, Polio affected children were given Calipers as per their measurements to make them mobile and able to carry on with their day to day lives independently. Wheelchairs were mainly  granted for the old and immobile who are unable to move on their own because of old age, paralysis or other diseases like cerebral palsy. For non critical disability cases, Crutches were given to the physically disabled children and the elderly help them to be mobile.

Concerning the Hearing impaired persons, they underwent an audiology test and were then given appropriate hearing aids. This simple device brings about a huge change in their lives.

Rotary members of Worli club interacted with beneficiaris, understood how jaipur foot is made and used by physically challanged people. They also interacted with visitors from other rotary clubs and had long discussions with people from Ttrain regarding skill development of these beneficiaris and how they can then become employable in times to come.


Following is a statistical table about the number of beneficials that were handed either mobility, orthopedical products or hearing aids.

Jaipur foot



Orthopedical products

Wheel chairs

Hearing aids










A child’s single smile is better than millions of dollars.

Hi I am Neha. When I was born my parents had dreams and aspirations for me. They wanted to educate me and hoped that some day I would bring them out of poverty.  Unfortunately, their dreams were shattered when I contracted polio at the age of 3. They lost all hope, and in that grief had to abandon me because they did not have enough money to raise a disabled child. At that time my mother’s sister, who herself lived on the street side took my responsibility. Since that day she took care of all my needs, ensured that I attend school and today has even brought me to Ratna Nidhi’s mobility camp. With the calipers I received here, I now stand tall and can walk all by myself. The calipers not only help me walk but also prove that my disablity will not be an obstacle to a bright educated future.


These success stories are added to Ratna  Nidhi’s archive of helping people and ensuring their well-being, however, that’s not just it. Following are other pictures of some of the beneficiaries that their lives will be completely changed. Thanks to our restless staff  continious efforts and honorable trustees and donors, hoping that one day our work will expand all over india to vanish the effects of poverty, disability and starvation.