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Vision 10000

Vision 10000 Eye Camp Police 2 - Ratna Nidhi Charitable TrustVision 10000 Eye Camp Police 2

Vision 10000 Eye Camp Police 2

In the second phase of Vision 10000, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust organized a FREE Eye Camp to screen 335 Mumbai Policemen at S.R.P.F. Grounds on the 27th and 28th of June.

Free Eye Camp to Screen 335 Mumbai Policemen at S.R.P.F

At the camp, eye measurements and screening for cataract were done by an optometrist from Titan Eye Plus. Besides, tests for glaucoma were conducted by the Lotus College of Optometry, Lotus Eye Hospital.

Fine quality lenses will be provided by Essilor Vision Foundation. RatnaNidhi will be distributing FREE spectacles within 6 weeks from the date of screening.

The policemen will be provided with FREE cataract surgery by Vision Foundation of India, Babulnath.

Free Cataract Surgery for Mumbai Policemen by Vision Foundation of India, Babulnath

The summary of the eye camp is as below: 

Total number of screening - 335

Prescribe glasses - 150

Cataract - 23

Glaucoma - 14

Presbyopia correction - 9

Dilated eveluation (one eyed) - 2

Pediatric dept. - 1

Corneal evaluation - 1

Retinal evaluation - 2

Computer eye evaluation - 2

Cycloplegic Refraction - 2

Pterygium removal - 1


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