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Health & Mobility

Partnership With BEST (The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport)

Partnership With BEST (The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport)

The BEST buses that scurry through the nooks and corners of Mumbai are ridden by hundreds and thousands of people each day. We saw an opportunity here that would help us get through to the disabled persons who really need our help, but are unaware of our work.

26th January 2018 marked the start of Ratna Nidhi’s Make Mumbai Disability Free [MMDF] campaign with a purpose to increase awareness about this project. Through this collaboration we will be able to create awareness about the Disability Project by placing posters inside all BEST buses in Mumbai. More locals would know about our work and can contact us if they need Jaipur Foot or calipers for free.

Also, 1.1 Million BEST electricity bills carried Ratna Nidhi's Make Mumbai Disability Free [MMDF] campaign.

Poster in BEST buses

 Dependence to Independence Make Mumbai Disability Free

MMDF message in Electricity bills


In addition all physically disabled BEST employees and their family members will be able to avail of the Jaipur Foot and Calipers.