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Health & Mobility

PPE Kits for Frontline Warriors

PPE Kits for Frontline Warriors

Our healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, paramedics, support staff), sanitation workers, police staff and volunteers on ground are our “frontline soldiers” in our war against COVID-19, risking their lives every day, to save ours. Unfortunately, they are falling short on the battlefield.   
There is a shortage of even basic cover-ups and masks to provide for their safety. Many do not go home for days, fearing for the health of their young children and aging parents.   
To enhance the supply of this gear to this target group, we are raising funds to provide Standard PPE Kits to hospitals, police staff, sanitation workers and volunteers. Each kit will consist of: 
- Full body Gown
- Built in Hood Cap
- Mask
- Gloves
- Face Shield
PPE Kits For Healthcare Workers
We have donated the following items till date: 
- Over 2 lakh khichdi to daily wage workers, police, hospital staff in Mumbai
- 2550 Masks
25 Liters of Sanitizers
- 54 PPE Kits
- 125 Face Shields
100 Gloves  
These people today are relentlessly working to serve humanity in this crisis period. The least we can do is provide for their safety so that they can continue their work on ground. 

Come forward and make a simple contribution to help our COVID-19 Warriors. 

Your donation can help them serve without fear.  

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