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Health & Mobility

Medical Use Oxygen Concentrator

Medical Use Oxygen Concentrator

Our journey towards Helping India Breathe and Saving Lives during the worst pandemic witnessed by humanity continues. A quick update on the work done so far.

3535 Oxygen concentrators have been organized till date.

Oxygen Concentrators

Following is a date wise breakup of the oxygen concentrators imported since 24th April 2021:

  Date No of Units
24th April 500
29th April 350
5th May 100
10th May 299
14th May 300
14th May 600
17th May 20
17th May 15
18th May 371
18th May 80
18th May 100
18th May 300
18th May 500

Total 3535

Oxygen Concentrators Mumbai

Oxygen Concentrators Delivered to Hospitals

Several of these concentrators have been delivered to hospitals in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, MP & Orissa.

We will also be sending oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Leh-Ladakh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal & Pune in the coming days

The speedy execution, agility and networks in this critical time has stood the test of time and helped us deliver and scale this project across India helping hundreds of people with COVID. The ability to mobilize the domestic and international community to support our work has helped us expand our reach in rural areas of India.

We thank everyone who has come forward to support us in helping procure these oxygen concentrators.
From a 25-year-old man in Maharashtra to a 60-year-old lady in Gujarat, every oxygen concentrator donated has helped in treatment of hundreds of people. Every contribution has helped make a difference in the life of some patient, somewhere in India and helping them breathe. 

Attached are the photos of multiple patients using these concentrators in hospitals.
Oxygen Mission Update


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