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Health & Mobility

Help Create a Healthy Future for Women and Children in Rural Maharashtra

Help Create a Healthy Future for Women and Children in Rural Maharashtra


The Chandrapur Medical Camp is focused on battling disability and health complication mainly focusing on disability, Vision, Dental Care, Malnutrition check, Childhood Illnesses, Respiratory & Diseases, essential neurological and General Check Ups.

Your help can transform the lives of innumerable physically challenged individuals.

Imagine being forced to live a life of dependence - all because of a physical disability.

These equipment’s are a lifeline, because they not only help a person with physical disability regain their mobility, they help them reclaim their life.


Savita lives with her husband and children in Pune. She migrated from the village to the city, to attain a better job and life for her children. She used to work as a domestic help making a meager amount of Rs.450 a month. 

Life was all good until a fatal accident changed her life forever. She lost her right leg to a bike accident. 

She shares “I can still remember that one week of my life post this accident, when none of us ate anything or spoke to each other. All the hopes and dreams were taken away in just few moments.” 


Ratna Nidhi’s intervention has provided her with a Jaipur Foot. This support has given her the confidence to be independent and walk freely. 

Today Savita lives with a broken leg but not a broken spirit. 

Even the simple act of walking seemed difficult for many years. However, our Jaipur Foot ensures she can now move around freely without having to be dependent. 

Despite all the difficulties, Savita could have given up. She hasn’t. 

Her indomitable will power and desire to bounce back on her own feet, despite all the odds is a story of that would leave many inspired. A simple Jaipur Foot had the power to give her back her independence. 

Similarly, 5-year-old Abdul was born without both his legs due to a birth defect. Little Abdul lives in the slums of Mahim, along with his parents and grandparents. The first steps of his life were taken when Ratna Nidhi provided him with the Jaipur foot.  


Abdul was bought to our center by his mother and aunt. Bright eyed and talkative, in a few minutes HE was able to grab everyone’s attention at the center. 

Seeing her son walk for the first time with our Jaipur Foot made bought tears to his mother’s eyes and she shares “It is amazing how quickly the Jaipur Foot was fitted onto my son and he can now walk. I don’t need to carry him to school anymore and my child can move around independently. He always wanted to wear a pair of jeans and I would never know what to tell him. My son can finally wear a pair of jeans and walk on his own.”  

Abdul dreams of becoming a doctor someday. The dreams in his eyes can now be achieved with the support of our Jaipur Foot.  

You and I may find it hard to envision a life without our feet. But for someone who has lost all hopes of walking independently, a Jaipur foot can be life changing. Mobility can help these individuals regain their lost self-esteem, make them self-sufficient and live their life with dignity.  

Today I urge you to spare a moment and make a difference to the lives of thousands of disabled people like Abdul and Savita.  

This is the power and change your donation can bring about. 

Please come forward to make a difference in the lives of countless people like Savita and Abdul in India.  

Experience the Joy of Giving and Empowering thousands of lives today. Your donation can help someone walk again and live a life with pride and self-esteem.  

What a wonderful way for you to encourage someone, who has lost their limbs and let them know that there is hope and never give up. DONATE NOW. 

Appliances that will be distributed from 17th to 23rd Dec, 2019 

  1. Jaipur Foot

  2. Calipers

  3. Prosthetic hands

  4. Crutches

Books Distribution:
RNCT will also be distributing 15000 educational school/college books at the campsite.
Garments Distribution:
10,000 units of garments will be distributed at camp.


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