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Donate a Sewing Machine and Provide the means to a Family to make living!

In India, more than 50 percent of women are illiterate. Living in poverty with a limited education greatly hinders these women from finding quality jobs to support their families. Being illiterate and poor worsens the situation for women and at times leads them to get trapped into dehumanized professions in order to feed their children.
Investment in women and girls, is a proven path to reduce poverty. Therefore, we at RatnaNidhi Charitable Trust are taking a step towards sewing lives together through Sewing Machine donation drive.
Sewing Machine Donation Sewing Machine Donation in India
We believe that everyone has a power to change the world and make a better place for everyone. Thus, we share sewing machines – empowering women, strengthening community and nurturing the spirit of learning and creating new things.
We as a Trust will connect with partners - several stakeholders (non-profits, government bodies, and philanthropists) who are working towards empowering women through different interventions to enable women to be financially independent. Through ‘Sewing Machine Donation Drive’ we shall support those women who are attending tailoring school or have a graduation certificate in tailoring but lacks the financial support to buy the sewing machine.
Sewing Machine Donation to Empower Women of India Sewing Machine Donation Drive by Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust
We believe after owning her own treadle (Sewing machine), she will kick start her own business from home and earn a daily income to meet her basic needs.
Your donated sewing machine will not just help to make living but will empower her to live her life with dignity. India’s diversity is such that in every sphere of life, some beacons shine bright to pave the way for others.
Together we can support and uplift those who are underprivileged.
Join hands with us in the Sewing Machine Donation Drive and sew the lives together!
Transform the life!