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Health & Mobility

107 Appliances distributed in a days camp - 9.1.14

107 Appliances distributed in a days camp - 9.1.14


 Ratna  Nidhi Charitable Trust


Camp For The Disabled


On the 9th of january 2014, another goal was yet to be achieved. Hundreds of lives are changed for the better, it doesn’t differ whether a child or an elderly, Ratna  Nidhi’s vision is to assure the welfare of all people of all genders, ages and religions.

A Camp For the Disabled was organisedat our permament center in Mahalaxmi Mumbai, 100  physically disabled were expected to come to the camp to benefit from Jaipur foots, calipers, wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids, to ensure a better living of impaired people and to help them carry on their daily activities.

The camp was considered a huge success, the succes of the camp was not only measured by the numbers of beneficiaries that came to the camp, but also their smiles and their reactions after they were able to walk. Following is a detailed description of the camp, so that you know what happened there as if you took part in it.

Primarily, the beneficials arrived at the camp, they were seated and their measurements were taken by our technicians on a first come first serve basis. Each measurement was recorded in a form. Some had their appliance on the spot, while others will be handed theirs in 2 days until they are manufactured in Ratna Nidhis’s workshop.

For amputees the Jaipur foot is a boon and has been found to be the most preferred prosthetic as it is light in weight, fast & easy to fabricate and cost effective. Moreover, Physiotherapy techniques were taught post fitment of Jaipur foot to train the disabled to make use of the aids in an optimum manner.

Following is a statistical table about the number of beneficial that were handed either mobility, orthopedical products or hearing aids.

Jaipur Foot - 11

Calipers - 38

Crutches - 15

Orthopedical Products - 11

Wheel Chairs - 4

Hearing Aids - 28

TOTAL - 107

            Other than the jaipur foot procedures explained previously, Polio affected children were given Calipers as per their measurements to make them mobile and able to carry on with their day to day lives independently. Wheelchairs were mainly  granted for the old and immobile who are unable to move on their own because of old age, paralysis or other diseases like cerebral palsy. For non critical disability cases, Crutches were given to the physically disabled children and the elderly help them to be mobile.

Concerning the Hearing impaired persons, they underwent an audiology test and were then given appropriate hearing aids. This simple device brings about a huge change in their lives.

An incredible succes story

“Strength doesnot come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Ghandi-

As mentioned before, all the medical procedures, from measuring, manufacturing and fitting the Jaipur feet to the beneficiaries were done by the exquisite, heroic technician Rameshbhai Thakur. Hehimslef is physically impaired. He lost both of his legs. However, that did not stop him from being a champion and a Limca record breaker in the physically impaired marathon. In his vision, he believes that he should help the physically disabled and teach them that their disability should not stop them from being champions on their very own way or hinder their performance in life. He Has worked with Ratna Nidhi to promote his cause over the last 20 years.



A child’s single smile is better than millions of dollars.


“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”-Mahatma Ghandi-



Meet Abdul 

Abdul was born by a disability in both of his hind limbs, he’s never experienced walking before. Despite his disability, he was the center of attention of the whole camp, his unbelievable personality, sense of humor and peaceful smiling face captured the attention of everyone.

 Witnessing his first walking attempt by the provided jaipur feet was priceless. The smile on his face, excitement and the tears in his mother’s eyes were indescribable. He hasn’t even walked for more than 5 meters and all he was thinking about was how much those pair of jaipur feet will help him walk, run and even play cricket. Who knows, after a while, another physically impaired would turn into a champion like his role model Rameshbhai Thakur!!


 Those success stories are added to Ratna  Nidhi’s archive of helping people and ensuring their well-being, however, that’s not just it. Following are other pictures of some of the beneficials that their lives will be completely changed. Thanks to our restless staff  continious efforts and honorable trustees and donors, hoping that one day our work will expand all over india to vanish the effects of poverty, disability and starvation.