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Project VISION FOR ALL in 62 schools in Mumbai covering 52000 children from low income families


The world has many aspirants, but no support. The world has many learners, but not enough resources. The world has minds with great perspectives, but Eyes yearning for a better Vision.

And many of these are the ones who can barely afford to make ends meet. Our country has many states and places wherein children, though attending education schools, are held back in their learning journey due to a problematic vision. And the strong financial crunch at their end leaves them high and dry with no solution.

This is why we at Ratnanidhi wanted to put in efforts for those who can’t take an effort for themselves. we have started a project VISION FOR ALL in 62 schools in mumbai covering 52000 children from low income families where our team of opticians & opthalmologists are going in our camps daily to screen them and we will be giving to apprx 10,000 students high quality custom made ESSILOR spectacles .They will now have a clearer and better world ahead of the

Ratnanidhi believes that these small ripples will bring a grand wave of change to the world. Come be a part of it with us.