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COVID RELIEF - Mission Million Khichdi - Hot Nutritious Khichdi, Kaju & Badam given to children at Pragati Mahila Mandal - 19th May, 2021



COVID RELIEF - Oxygen Concentrator Machines benefitting Covid Patients at Gujarat, Banaskantha district at Z M V Dispensary, Parikh Hospital (Mahajan hospital) Covid care center - 17th May, 2021


COVID RELIEF - Mission Million Khichdi - Hot Nutritious Khichdi Being Distributed to Daily Wage Workers at Sankalp Center - 20th May, 2021


COVID RELIEF - ART WITH A CAUSE! IHAC, our local star artists and volunteers are honored to partner with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust to provide oxygen concentrators for COVID relief in India from the ticket sales of RASA - Moods of North & South!


ART WITH A CAUSE! IHAC, our local star artists and volunteers are honoured to partner with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust (@ratnanidhicharitabletrust) to provide oxygen concentrators for COVID relief in India from the ticket sales of RASA - Moods of North & South!

Be part of this noble cause and buy your tickets NOW at for RASA - Moods of North & South, a unique live concert on Sunday May 23rd where local artists depict human emotions through dance and music. Enquiries at- and WhatsApp +852 95356037

RASA has been made possible by the generosity of our Platinum Sponsor Mrs. Purviz Shroff and the Late Mr. Rusy Shroff, our IHAC Angels and our F&B Partner Mayfare Group.

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“Together we Empower”

A journey towards upgrading oneself…. Start with RNCT’s guide and mentors for your successful growth

A significant proportion of physically challenged individuals across India – victims of polio, spinal deformation and amputation – are young adults of working age. Poverty, illiteracy and unemployment rates are very high for this segment and many of these individuals struggle to achieve financial independence throughout their lives.

RNCT Skills Development program is a holistic program to ensure successful rehabilitation of these adults by providing them with FREE artificial mobility aids such as free Jaipur foot, calipers, crutches and prosthetic hands, thereby enabling the beneficiaries to walk and move independently along with training in Industry standardized job skills to get meaningful employment and become financially independent. 



“Physically and economically rehabilitate disabled beneficiaries in Maharashtra/all over India by providing them with artificial mobility aids and Skill training aimed at ensuring their successful inclusion in open employment, thus leading them to live an independent life and become productive part of the society. 



RNCT Skills Development program provides Industry standardized skills training for adults in the following areas. The duration of skills training is between 6 – 9 months depending on the level of individual and no. of training and classes a candidate needs.

  • Spoken English: Training in spoken English, basic grammar and writing. The expected outcome is that students will be able to speak English with basic fluency and will be able to have conversations in English to attain an entry-level job.
  • Personality Development/Social Grooming: Training in essential professional soft skills such as manners & etiquette, posture & body language, greeting techniques, presentation skills, hygiene and grooming and interview and job placement training.
  • Computers: The Students are trained in basic MS Office and if they do well, they will be further taught Tally GST courses. This will help them gain meaningful employment.



On 13th May 2021, we launched our Skill development program. This program was held online (via. Zoom). There were 24 beneficiaries who attended the program. 

The session begun by giving them brief about RNCT organisation, its vision, mission and scope of work. The attendees were given a demo session on Personality development. The session was interactive and activity based. The session conducted was on Self-esteem. The objective of this orientation was give them an understanding on how their sessions will be conducted and what is expected from them. This session was conducted to boost their morale and to initiate a positive outlook towards the trainings that will be provided to them.

Their response to the session was wonderful/ Many informed that they enjoyed the session and are looking forward to learn something new and interesting.









Our journey towards Helping India Breathe and Saving Lives during the worst pandemic witnessed by humanity continues. A quick update on the work done so far.

3535 Oxygen concentrators have been organized till date.

Following is a date wise breakup of the oxygen concentrators imported since 24th April 2021:

  Date No of Units
24th April 500
29th April 350
5th May 100
10th May 299
14th May 300
14th May 600
17th May 20
17th May 15
18th May 371
18th May 80
18th May 100
18th May 300
18th May 500

Total 3535

Several of these concentrators have been delivered to hospitals in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, MP & Orissa.

We will also be sending oxygen concentrators to hospitals in Leh-Ladakh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal & Pune in the coming days

The speedy execution, agility and networks in this critical time has stood the test of time and helped us deliver and scale this project across India helping hundreds of people with COVID. The ability to mobilize the domestic and international community to support our work has helped us expand our reach in rural areas of India.

We thank everyone who has come forward to support us in helping procure these oxygen concentrators.

From a 25-year-old man in Maharashtra to a 60-year-old lady in Gujarat, every oxygen concentrator donated has helped in treatment of hundreds of people. Every contribution has helped make a difference in the life of some patient, somewhere in India and helping them breathe. 

Attached are the photos of multiple patients using these concentrators in hospitals.

COVID RELIEF - Tweet by Mr. Shekhar Mehta Appreciating the Outstanding Initiative taken by Ratnanidhi - 16th MAY, 2021


COVID RELIEF - Thank you all donors & well wishers - 10th MAY, 2021


Our Oxygen Concentrators are in use in Covid Centre @ Palanpur in Gujarat. 3rd May left China & 9h May in Hospitals. Many States & thousands of patients are benefitting.

COVID-19 RELIEF: 1376 Oxygen concentrators Used in Government Hospitals in Maharashtra - 6th May, 2021


👉1376 Oxygen concentrators organized
👉500 delivered to Government Hospitals in Maharashtra
👉350 Units will be delivered in two days to hospitals in Maharashtra and Gujarat
👉526 units are on their way and will be delivered in the 3rd week of May

It’s been exactly ten days since 26th April 2021, when we airlifted the first batch of 500 oxygen concentrators from Singapore and donated it to government hospitals in Maharashtra.These concentrators have reached Ahmednagar, Jalna, Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Nagpur, Bhandara, Akola, Satara, Solapur, Sangli, Dhule, Nasik, Nandurbar, Bheed, Nanded, Palghar, Hingoli, Amravati, Chandrapur, Wardha & Pune in Maharashtra.

Attached are the photos of multiple patients using the concentrators in these hospitals.

Ever since then we have been working round the clock to procure more oxygen concentrators to meet the rising demand of oxygen for COVID patients.

We thank everyone who has come forward to support us in helping procure these oxygen concentrators which will be donated to hospitals in Maharashtra and Gujarat & indore & Dhanbad & Chattisgarh & Orissa.

How our imported oxygen concentrators are saving lives in jalna civil hospital - 2nd MAY, 2021