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Mumbai Marathon

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015

 Inspiring Endeavour - Our warriors courageously embarked on a journey to Pride & Prestige with their Jaipur Foot, showcasing triumph of Human Spirit against all odds. They were walking shoulder to shoulder with us not allowing onlookers to know that they are walking with the Jaipur Foot and this indeed was their victory. 

Lets hear it from them.

What our beneficiaries have to say...


 Raj Sudani, 18 yrs.

“This was my debut marathon. I would like to run more such marathons to bring awareness of the Jaipur Foot cause. Next year I want to run Half Marathon and I will start preparing for it well in advance”


Shivaji Shankar, 56 yrs.

“This was my first experience and it was a pleasant one. We should have more such programs which help us get confidence and dignity. We should encourage others to join as well. I will surely participate next year.”


 Ramesh Thakur, 48 yrs.

“I am a chief technician at Ratna Nidhi Trust and it has been my passion to encourage disabled people to not only stand on their feet but actually run with it. Earlier I have participated in Half Marathon. This year, my health didn't permit me to make it on the race day but I walked 3 km as I wanted to support this cause.”


Manoj Omprakash,39 yrs.

“It was very nice and exciting experience for me. I could finish only approx 3 km but it has given me a whole new confidence and next year I will surely touch the finish line.”


Suresh Waghela, 20 yrs.

“Earlier, with the Jaipur Foot I have participated in the Full Marathon for 3 years. This year because of board exams I took part only in the Dream Run. But this year it was more satisfying as it was for a Cause.”  


Lets travel back in time and see how this beautiful journey began

We saw a small 6 year old kid crawling on the road as he had met with an accident due to which he lost both his legs.

We saw a small girl who was refused to go to school as her parents didn't have enough money to buy her a meal, let alone school fees.

We saw a young boy not being paid enough by his employer as he did not have  enough vocational knowledge that the job demanded.

We got distressed and complained to God and asked Him “Why don't You do something? Why are You allowing all this?”  but it boomeranged.

God asked us the same question.

We said “but what can only few of us do? How can we alone make a difference?”

God said, “I am sending you the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon platform and a team of beautiful kind hearted people who will support your cause.

You will then be able to provide:

Ø  Jaipur Foot to an amputee

Ø  Free Meal to support education for children

Ø  Vocational Training to poor youth”


And then, we got a team of 70 enthusiastic people, all from different walks of life came together with a single motto “ I RUN SO YOU CAN WALK”. It was for the very first time that Ratna Nidhi in partnership with Rotary Club of Bombay Worli took part in SCMM. We had 18 people running Half Marathon and 52 people in Dream Run. This team had people from varied backgrounds such as our Jaipur Foot & Caliper beneficiaries - Professional cyclist - Business Men - NRIs - College students - House Wives and so on. This underlines the fact that how crucially these causes impact our society.


Race Day excitement  -  To portray our Jaipur Foot cause more effectively we had 2 huge (7 ft. tall) Jaipur Foot personified, walking on the roads of Mumbai, spreading awareness about this noble cause.


Walking the Dream Run in their shoes

We believe that one needs to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate compassion. Giving away a mere mobility appliance is one thing & feeling the exact pain / discomfort is totally a different thing. This time using SCMM platform 10 able-bodied people from our team walked 6 km Dream Run with crutches. This unique endeavour caught media attention and they published an article based on this.


Synopsis of Media Coverage

DNA 28.12.14  - “I used crutches when I fractured my leg a few years ago but that was different. Walking on crutches for so long will be painful but that's the idea said Vora, who is also the president of Rotary club of Bombay  Worli.



Times of India 16.01.15  - Among the various causes that the Standard Char tered Mumbai Marathon promotes, one will see a group of 10 able-bodied runners walk the Dream Run using crutches with seven differently abled participants who will use the Jaipur Foot. The participants from a Girgaum NGO said they want “to experience and draw attention to the discomfort of those who lose their limbs in accidents“.