Whenever you come across a person in India whose leg is weak / broken / cut / amputated you can send him to us and we will give him artificial leg (Jaipur Foot) and calipers for Free.

 Free Jaipur Foot and Polio Legs Callipers

If you come across any polio patient or a person with deformed leg in India, you can send him to us and we will give him Calipers for Free.


Our skilled technicians will thoroughly check the patient and depending on the type of deformity a new customized Jaipur Foot / Calipers will be made.

 If you know any such needy people in India in need of calipers for weak legs, kindly bring it to our notice.

3 options:

1) Contact us on 23898930 / 23878930 / info@ratnanidhi.org

2) Give your details below & we will get in touch with you

3) Give our contact information to needy person and ask him to            contact us.

The Mobility Project

Ratna Nidhi Charitable trust aims to bequeath a new life to each of those to each of those who have been deprived of the basic privileges of walking for most of their lives. With the gift of mobility these people develop self confidence have the ability to live near normal lives and have the potential to become contributing members of the society instead of being a burden on it.

The disability  work is carried out in partnership with Rotary Club of Bombay Worli.

Where can you send the disabled person?

Set up in the heart of the city of Mumbai, in a haven for NGO’s, our permanent Jaipur Foot center at Mahalaxmi aims to be the backbone to the physically disabled persons in an around the city.

 Jaipur Foot Center at Mahalaxmi

The center is manned by skilled technicians and is fully equipped with the machinery required to fabricate customized Jaipur Foot and Calipers as per beneficiary measurements, within a matter of hours.

 Customized Jaipur Foot and Calipers

The objective of this center is to create a workshop that is easily accessible to disabled persons to have their mobility needs met, Free of Cost anytime of the year.

Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you1.

SImple procedure followed at our Centre

Jaipur Foot and Calipers Center at Mahalaxmi

Below mentioned simple procedure is followed at our centre:


(i)     A patient is diagnosed by prosthetic engineer as to which of the mobility appliances like Jaipur Foot / Caliper / Crutches etc is suitable for the patient.


(ii)    A simple form is filled mentioning patient’s details & mobility appliance required by the patient.


(iii)   Patient's measurements are taken to make a customised prosthetic.


(iv)   We try to make the prosthetic within few hours so that patient can walk back on his own feet.


(v)    Patients are trained to walk at our centre since he is walking for the first time and it take some time for him to check and see if newly made prosthetic fits him fine.

Testimonial for our work

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

I am very happy meeting Mahendrabhai Mehta and group of his Indian friends, Who really dedicate to the welfare of humanity, in general particularly in this country. This is great, great work and great service to humanity in general particularly the less privileged or unfortunate people. Such great work great service, I really admire.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi

There was a time when only those donors were appreciated who would donate at temples & other religious places whereas here such donors are being felicitated who are providing Hearing Aid to the deaf, Jaipur foot to disabled, Tricycle to those who need them. This is a campaign to serve living Gods which will encourage other people of the society to follow the suite.

Mr. A. L. Quadros - General Secretary, Mumbai Taximen's Union

I think this Foundation is started for a good cause. People, I think, when they get  artificial leg they will not think that it is an artificial but it is a real leg they got and it is like a re-birth for them. Ratna Nidhi Charity is very good. People should come forward to help them because they are not charging anything.  It is a tremendous job because spontaneously they are doing. It is not like any other trust, spontaneously they are doing it and keen interest they are taking in it.


Our Happy beneficiaries