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According to a World Health Organization & World Bank report, around 15% of the world’s population lives with some kind of disability. As per the Census of India (2011), 2.2% of India’s population suffers from some kind of disability such as locomotors disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, speech problems, learning disability, autism and multiple disability.

Ratna Nidhi has been a pioneer in organizing mobility camps across India for close to fifteen years. Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has a fully equipped Jaipur Foot and Caliper fitment center at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai which is manned by trained technicians and equipped with all the machinery required to fabricate Jaipur Foot or Calipers within a matter of hours. Any disabled person is welcome here to give their measurements and avail of the appropriate customized appliance.In recent times, Ratna Nidhi has also started manufacturing artificial hands that enable a person to get a similar grip to hold things as in the case of a normal hand.
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  • Artificial Hands for Free
To help someone in need – call 8530 485 3324 or Fill in the details here. 
Once you register your details or the details of the patient with us, our team will get in touch with them.
A suitable time will be decided when the beneficiary can go to our center to give measurements. Within a couple of hours, the person shall be able to walk out of our center with a hand.
A hand prosthetic not only boosts their confidence but also help them do simple daily tasks.
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Here is what beneficiary has to say

  • Karamshibhai – Jamnagar Camp beneficiary

    Karamshibhai, 55 years, Jamnagar Camp beneficiary

    He lives in a small village at Jamnagar. He lost his hand in an accident. Karamshibhai, 55 years, Jamnagar Camp beneficiary

    Karamshi shares “I am very happy to receive this hand for free. I cannot think of investing into any kind of expensive medical treatment for myself. With the help of this hand, I can carry out daily activities easily."