Remember the happiness that swept inside you when you got your first Tablet? You finally had a way to re-envision your goals and empower your learning. You enjoyed creating brilliant things on your device and may be looking forward to advancing your goals with the latest Tablet on the market.
But what do you do with your old Tablet?
With Ratna Nidhi, you have the chance to get the best returns on your used and working Tablets.
You can now donate your old devices like tablets and empower a child’s learning in India, and feel the sense of joy sweep inside you once again!
When times are dark, light up their way.
What better time to inspire young India than now?
The pandemic has been an eye-opener in making us realise the importance of tech, and the repercussions of its unequal availability.
There are many children who still do not have access to online learning, and many schools struggle to implement the infrastructure for it. Overall, the pandemic and lack of tech has resulted in the deprivation of India’s progress in the education system by 1.5 years.
The impact of this pandemic on education is much worse and not something that can be fixed overnight, but only when we work collectively. So here’s your chance to advance the learning of a child and make a significant contribution towards the greater purpose.
Every step you take inspires ours.
When you make an attempt to make a difference for young India, we stand right behind you. Each time you donate a Tablet, we at Ratna Nidhi match your efforts by embedding educational apps on the phone and helping someone in need.
We collectively work with a number of schools and networks in India that help us reach a large number of students with donated tablets. After collecting the Tablets from you, we install educational apps and give them to someone who needs them the most.

Donate Tablet for a Cause!

Donate Tablet for a Cause!

Donate Tablet India

Help them learn and inspire a change
Our role
With over 25 years of honest, transparent, and empathetic service, Ratna Nidhi is one of the most trusted names in India. It’s a bridge that lets donors like you, elevate the lives of the poorest strata of the society. Showing commitment towards improving the lives of the underprivileged, we have successfully managed to extend support from generous donors to those who need help the most.
How Ratna Nidhi works
Over 20 decades of seamless service wouldn’t have been possible without having a hassle-free system in place for our donors. With around 20,000 pincode reverse pick-up systems in place, we collect donations from across India, that too, at our cost!
Want to be a change-maker for someone’s education? Do you have an old working Tablet? If yes, then format your device to clear all your personal data and
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And let us take care of the rest! Donate your used or new digital device and help young India propel towards the next-gen education system equally.


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Lourdes High School-Kalyan: “It was really a fabulous experience. Thanks for the service provided. The hospitality and the help provided by you is really commendable. Coordination was superb.”
Gyan Kendra Secondary School: “Thank you very much for organizing this exhibition on such a large scale. It will help our students to acquire more information and will help to inculcate that love of books which is soon diminishing. God bless all of you for this great job.”
Sant Ghadge Maharaj Ashram School: “It was a wonderful project. We got medical books which would be very useful to our students as well as our faculty. Thank you for inviting us and making us a part of this huge initiative."
Shailesh Ganpat, Narayan College: “Exhibition was really good. It is a great way to recycle old books and educate our children even further. Nice work. Keep up the effort.”
Satara High School: “It’s been a very overwhelming experience. Loads of access to rich resources! Thank you. We look forward to many more.”
Anjuman-I-Islam Girls High School: This is a need of our society, school & our children to read good books. Maximum books in this exhibition are really useful for our children.
Metropolitan Institute of Technology & Management: I Would like to thank Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust to arrange such a big exhibition. Many school & college Libraries have taken benefit of the same to enrich their library collection. Best of Luck for Initiative.