We have been impacting the lives of humans for years.  But, only recently, have we gone a step further.  We have expanded our reach to animals. 

We now have the ability to provide the same high quality and efficient treatment of physical disabilities we have been doling out to people to the world’s most beloved animal:


Our mission rests upon the simple, universal principle that full mobility is a right, not a privilege.  And slowly, but surely, we are working to see this mantra fulfilled.

So we encourage you—implore you—that if you have a dog in need, please come to us.  Please bring your dog to our clinic, where we can help fit her with a new limb. 

We have the means, the technology, and the will to help, and no longer will we stand idle while countless dogs suffer and struggle to continue leading healthy lives.

It is disappointing and disheartening when there is a problem and no means to resolve it; but it is infuriating and unacceptable when there is a means for resolution whilst the problem remains.  The latter is how we feel.  We lack the bridge between aid and those in need, and as much as we scour the streets looking, we understand that we cannot build that bridge without you.

 Give us a call, shoot us an email, we’d be overjoyed to hear from you.  And we promise we won’t bite (and don’t mind if your dogs do!).


Email: info@ratnanidhi.org

Phone: 8530485324

Help us help you, and help us change the world.

Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.
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  • Before Receiving Artificial Leg

    Before receiving artificial leg

  • Easily Doing Daily Activities!

    Easily doing daily activities!