Would you like to donate Food Grains from your kitchen for slum children's education in India?

Well, here is your chance. Provide your details below and we will get in touch with you.

Please note that we do not take cooked food.
We feed 4500 children daily with healthy nutritious food prepared at our own kitchen.
Food for Education programme:
Ratna Nidhi Charitable trust’s Food for Education program  is a food donation program in India that distributes Free Nutritious Food prepared at our kitchens on a daily basis, to 4500 poor children daily if they attend any formal or non-formal educational class. It thus combines food with education-we now have a child who is educated and well fed also. The programme has been very effective in arresting the drop-out rate in schools.
From 1998 till now we have distributed over 2,53,23,613 meals
Ratna Nidhi’s food has been treated by the beneficiaries as “Homely Balanced and Tasty”. Not for profit, the food has a flavor of compassion, and tender loving care.
Today Food is sent to more than 4500 Children daily to the 40 to 50 Centers all over Mumbai and Suburbs. The Mid Day Meal is cooked at the KhetwadiFoodCenter by the special team of Rajasthani cooks under our direct supervision.
The food donation partners in India are identified carefully and after the detailed need evaluation. These are generally Non-aided vernacular schools who do not qualify for the Govt. Mid-Day-Meal, Pre-schools in Urban Areas, Night schools who do not receive any of the welfare benefits and Street Children NGO’s who provide shelter.

  • Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust - Food for Education Programme
  • Food for Education Programme - Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust
  • Ratna Nidhi Charitable trust’s Food for Education program
  • Food for Education Programme at Prabhu seminary School
  • Food for Education Programme

Over 2,53,23,613 meals distributed since 1998

Food Donation Program in India
  • Food For Education India
  • Food Donation

Food grain requirements:

Daily the Food  Center requires 250kg  of rice and 150 Kg of pulses/Dal. 

Food grains can be sealed packed in a 25 to 50 kg bag, of the good quality.

1. Rice  (Swarna Masuri quality only)

2. Moong

3. Tur Dal

4. Masoor

5. Vatana (Yellow peas for Ragda Curry)

6. Palm Oil in a packing of 15kg Tin

7. Salt 5kg packing

8. Puffed Rice ( Kurmura)

9. Chicki Pieces 


Our Daily Menu

School slot
Morning school

Masala Rice & Lapasi


Rice & Vatana Curry
Rice & Moong Curry
Rice & Masoor Curry
Rice & Tur dal
Moong Chat
Night school

Masala Rice & Lapasi

 Vatana Ragda Chat
Moong Chat

Methi paratha Masoor Curry

  Veg. Poha & Khichdi
Poha Moong Chat

We serve sweets (Sukhadi / sheera) once a week

Bombay City Area Covered under Food for Education:

1)    Bombay Municipal Wards BCDE, down town, Mumbai, 

2)    Bandra , Khar ,  Andheri of Western suburbs.

3)    Matunga, Chembur, Govandi , Schoools of North- East Mumbai Slums,

4)    Slum Schools of Mankhurd , Anushakti Nagar, Trombay.


Delivery of the food is done, in a unique and economical way. The nearby area is supplied Food through “bicycles” and the distances by hired tempos. Three to four Tempos plan minute to minute details based on geographical distance and make it a point to reach hot meal in time for the children’s lunch break.

Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you1.

We give you 6 reasons to donate to us

1. Health / Weight of students has increased

2. Improve Academic performance

3. Improve Attendance in school

4. Tasty food prepared by experienced Rajasthani cooks under personal supervision. It is a same food which we eat in the house.

5. Quantity served is 350 to 400 calories per serving , minimum recommended by nutrition expert.

6. Field visits and regular contacts are maintained with schools and staff by our Project Office. This helps to avoid wastage of food and to respond to the children’s likes and dislikes about Food.

Positive Response & Feedback




MUMBAI 400043

0-1 kg.

20.97 %

4.16 %

1-2 kgs.

70.28 %

54.16 %

2-3 kgs.

6.75 %

25.0 %

3 + kgs.


16.67 %

Minus Gain




100 %

100 %

The headmaster Mr. S.B.Shirke, Dyansadhana Vidhyalay acknowledges the Food for Education program:

" I express my profound gratitude for your kind help to our school children. Our school is situated near the dumping ground of Deonar. Parents are very poor. So they are unable to provide nutritional food to their children. Last year your Trust and Dharam Bharati Mission had provided mid day meal for all our school students. This mid day meal had helped them maintain their physical fitness. Attendance has also increased. This shows us good results. On behalf of our school trust, school, children, staff, parents I thank you for the help provided and love and affection shown towards our students.

S. Ramchandran Iyer, Managing Trustee – Shri Sai Trust

Our sincere Thanks to your continuous support. Because of you we have been feeding 100’s of underprivileged children since last 8 years.

  • Ram Balram Naidu

    Ram Balram Naidu

    Ram Balram Naidu

    My only first full nutritious and healthy meal is at 10:40 am from Ratna Nidhi, when the school bell rings for break time.

  • Gulshan Salim Khan

    Gulshan Salim Khan

    Gulshan Salim Khan

    The lunch provided by Ratna Nidhi helps her concentrate in class and keeps her mind alert. Our meal helps and supports her studies by providing for nutrition.

  • Sahil Mohd. Anis Sheikh

    Sahil Mohd. Anis Sheikh

    Sahil Mohd. Anis Sheikh

    Everyone at home is in a hurry to go to work. I am unable to have any breakfast and have to wait till 12.30pm for lunch provided at school which is the first meal of the day.

  • Anjali Paswan

    Anjali Paswan

    Anjali Paswan

    The meal provided at my school keeps me full and helps me in concentrating on my studies.