Who are we?

Ratna Nidhi is a 24-year-old Charitable Trust that has been striving to uplift the lives of impoverished people around Mumbai. We thrive on donations that are completely deployed for the betterment of the community. 

Through our beauty kit donation program, we are helping to empower more than 250 women from the slums of Mumbai like Dharavi, Shivri, Kurla, and Kopperkhana. We want to help these strong and determined women to build a source of income and live a dignified life with their heads held high.

Join us in our venture and experience the true joy of giving! Email at info@ratnanidhi.org


What are we exactly doing? 

We are enabling mothers, daughters, and sisters to upskill themselves through our 3-month free training program. This comprises a beautician course, spoken English skills, financial and personality development training. 

We seek donations in the form of beauty products, which will help these women to grow independent and also provide for their families.

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Donate Beauty Products

How can you help us?

Do you want to make someone’s life sparkle with happiness? Guess what? You don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist to do so.

Sometimes you go on a shopping spree and end up over-purchasing beauty products that you won’t use. There are beauty products you “add to the cart” before checking out to qualify the minimum order value for Free Delivery. And those samplers and goodies which simply don’t suit your needs, you can share them!

If you don't use every cosmetic you buy or not have opened a few beauty products for that matter. You can donate to us and contribute to the noble cause! 

Before you toss these unused cosmetics into the garbage, think if you can do something good with them. 

Are the beauty products still within their expiry date? If yes, then why let them go to waste? 

You can donate them and help needy women to solve their bigger life hurdles! 

Yes, we do free home pickup anywhere across India. Just fill out the form below & we will arrange the courier service for free pickup!

You can make these women smile and be self-made with just one conscious decision of yours. Your one considerate move can make a huge difference in their lives, financially and emotionally! 

We are available 24X7 to smoothen your donation experience. 


But why are we doing this?

Through this initiative, we are not just solving the problem of unemployment and poverty, but also emotionally strengthening a woman to fend for her. We aim to help these women build their self-esteem and be proud of them. Each of these women might be underprivileged today, but your donation can help to illuminate their futures!


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