Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has won the 1st prize for the


at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016.  

Here are the few highlights of the event:

At our Motivational Zone we had disabled people performing various dances, stunts, mimicry and songs to portray that their disability is not a barrier. Their determined spirit and high energy inspired many onlookers and attracted swarms of crowds to our zone.

We also had a live band who sung motivational songs to cheer the runners.

The other attraction of our zone was the selfie booth where people could click and print their photo as a memento from our zone.

They could also click photos with a life sized Jaipur Foot that portrayed the magnanimity of our cause.

Many dream runners from other NGOs and corporate runners also stopped by and cheered us. 

3 of our beneficiaries successfully completed “Champions with Disability” race of 2 KM.

The main purpose of the Motivational Zone is to provide motivation to hundreds and thousands of Marathoners by cheering them and playing inspirational songs, performing dances etc.


But for an NGO it is a smartly devised platform where an NGO can build maximum awareness of their cause amongst around 40,000 runners who take part in the Marathon.  


Apart from the awareness generated, NGOs also stand a chance to win a cash prize as a donation to forward their cause and transform many more lives.


The NGO with the best portrayal of their cause and crowd engagement has higher chances of winning.

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FUN at our Motivational Zone

  • Zone was crowded with revellers

    Zone was crowded with revellers

    Flocks of people enjoying themselves in a lively manner

    Huge crowd gathered at our zone cheering the performers, taking their videos and photos and enjoying the festivities of that day.