Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has been successfully working in the field of health care since 25 years. It has been working for the people belonging to the lower strata of the society without any sorts of discrimination. They are mainly focused on building the youth, who are the future of our society. RNCT have set up physiotherapy camps to ensure proper care to the disabled ones.

RNCT provides free physiotherapy services to its disabled patients. It aims to provide an intensive care to the ones who cannot afford it. Very often patients complain of pain in their limbs when fitted with the artificial leg for the fist time, RNCT ensures that they are given good treatment by their physiotherapist along with proper follow ups.

Physiotherapy at Mahalakshmi Centre

It provides free physiotherapy to all the patients and anyone can avail the services of a physiotherapist at our centre in Mahalakshmi.

Physiotherapy Center - Call on 8530485324

Physiotherapy Center


Physiotherapy Center India “I have been using Calipers since several years but constantly experience pain on both my legs. A lot of the muscles in my legs have stiffened over time. Hence the physiotherapist has advised me to do some exercises three times a day to reduce the leg pain. Thank you Ratna Nidhi.”- Pravin Gohil, 42 years

“I have been using Jaipur foot since 8 years but the nerves in my leg are very tight. Hence the physiotherapist has advised me to use Hot water packs everyday on the leg and also prescribed a few exercises to strengthen the muscles and nerves in my leg. Thank you Ratna Nidhi for starting this new service for free.” – Mohamad Sharif, 28 years

Now money should not stop anyone from talking care of their health!
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How Ratna Nidhi’s Physiotherapy centre will benefit the physically challenged.



  • Teach them to use a wheel chair and to transfer in and out of it 
  • Handling and massage of their residual limb 
  • Show them ways of helping with any pain in their amputated limb or leg
  • Help them in weight management
  • Provide psychological guidance and vocational training 
  • Help the beneficiaries to keep and improve the flexibility and strength in their legs, arms and body while they recover
  • Support wound healing using exercise




  1. Appliances to physically challenged is provided free of cost at our centre.
  2. Last year alone we distributed 2444 appliances under this project.
  3. We are focusing on the people who are willing to be independent and stand on their own, despite of their disability.
  4. We are well connected to local NGO’s and government authorities which enables us to organize mobility camps across different locations in Maharashtra. 
  5. We have all the required equipment’s and machinery to fabricate the appliances for the patients.
  6. Our project team has close to fifteen years of experience in identifying and mobilizing patients for screening and distribution of equipment’s. Our teams of engineers are well equipped to manufacture these equipments and resolve any technical issue if it may arise.
  7. You are contributing to a program which is conceptualised to provide wholistic development to the physically challenged. Take pride in that !