A man sells his cow which was the only source of earning to buy Smartphone for his daughter so that she can learn and attend the school.
A girl fights backs with phone robbers to save her phone as that was the only way for her to attend the school and learn.
We have been reading lot of news where parents and students are going out of their ways to buy the Smartphone through which they can attend the online school and learn. India is going through the transformation in all the sectors.
However education sector will have large and longer impact than any other sector. Education is the only way through individual can develop him/herself.
A well educated youth can help to build the country. However, an estimated 330 million students, 100 million in universities, had been closed due to lockdown. Since June, as schools and colleges have resumed online, only less that 50% students could attend the classes. However, this can be interpreted other 50% of students could attend online classes due to lack of adequate infrastructure.
Empowering Young India

Educating Young India by Digital Learning

Educating Young India by Digital Learning
Education is the only weapons which can give you power to fight back and win the battle of life.
To bridge the gap between those who are willing to support education through digital inclusion and the needy students, we Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust will embed educational app in the phone.
Donate Used Smartphone
How you can you get involved?
  • Do you have an old working Smartphone?
  • If yes, clean the phone and take out all the personal data.
  • Connect with us!
  • We shall collect the Smartphone.
  • We will install academic educational content/app.
  • Thereafter, the smartphone will get donated to needy students in India.
To encourage the learning and let the young India learns!
Donate your used or new Smartphones to help students across India. 
Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you.
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Lourdes High School-Kalyan: “It was really a fabulous experience. Thanks for the service provided. The hospitality and the help provided by you is really commendable. Coordination was superb.”

Gyan Kendra Secondary School: “Thank you very much for organizing this exhibition on such a large scale. It will help our students to acquire more information and will help to inculcate that love of books which is soon diminishing. God bless all of you for this great job.”

Sant Ghadge Maharaj Ashram School: “It was a wonderful project. We got medical books which would be very useful to our students as well as our faculty. Thank you for inviting us and making us a part of this huge initiative."

Shailesh Ganpat, Narayan College: “Exhibition was really good. It is a great way to recycle old books and educate our children even further. Nice work. Keep up the effort.”

Satara High School: “It’s been a very overwhelming experience. Loads of access to rich resources! Thank you. We look forward to many more.”

Anjuman-I-Islam Girls High School: This is a need of our society, school & our children to read good books. Maximum books in this exhibition are really useful for our children.

Metropolitan Institute of Technology & Management: I Would like to thank Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust to arrange such a big exhibition. Many school & college Libraries have taken benefit of the same to enrich their library collection. Best of Luck for Initiative.