"Google.org is pleased to invest in the visions of Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust. Through their innovative applications of technology, they are developing new solutions that will improve the lives of people with disabilities in India and around the world," said Jacquelline Fuller, Director of Google.org.
The problem:
Over 5 million people in India have lost one or both legs. Many live in poverty and/or in extremely rural areas and are unable to access adequate medical services in a city or get a prosthetic leg. One key bottleneck in the process is the manufacturing of socket to fit the stump of the residual leg. This is very time consuming and seldom is accurate in measurement, which leads to injury to the amputee.
The solution:
The Ratna Nidhi Leg, derived from the Jaipur Foot, will be created using a new process that enables rehabilitation engineers to deliver prosthetic legs to the amputees and landmine victims in the most rural and vulnerable populations in a shorter time.
The new process uses mobile 3D scanning technologies to accurately capture and transmit 3D models of the residual limb, to design comfortable and yet affordable transfemoral sockets.

  • Artificial Leg For Handicapped India
  • Artificial Leg For Handicapped in India
  • Artificial Legs For Handicapped in India
  • Artificial Leg For Handicapped People

Indian Institue of Technology, Mumbai

Indian Institue of Technology, Mumbai
  • Ratna Nidhi Artificial Leg
The Process:
RNCT is working with BETiC - Biomedical Engineering and Technology (incubation) Centre at IIT Bombay to leverage portable 3D scanning coupled with low-cost 3D printing technologies to fabricate plastic models of residual limbs to support the socket manufacturing process. The scanner will allow technicians deployed in the field to quickly and accurately measure residual limb dimensions. The scan data will be beamed to the Cloud, and downloaded by the manufacturing center to design and manufacture perfectly fitting prostheses.

The Scalability:
The above process will avoid the need for transporting mold materials to the location of the amputee, minimizing their need to travel to the NGO center. This will help in doubling the current capacity of RNCT to serve rural locations easily and cost effectively. The RNCT and BETiC will document the whole process, develop training modules, and make them available online, thereby empowering all other NGOs working in this field globally. This is expected to further expand the capacity of the NGOs in reaching out to every amputee who needs a low-cost prosthetic leg free of cost.
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Key features

  • No Location Restriction

    No location Restriction

    With the 3D scanning technology we can
    reach out to amputees far and wide.
  • 3D Scanning Technology

    3D Scanning Technology

    This technology allows us to accurately
    capture the dimensions of the stump 
  • Cloud Technology

    Cloud technology

    The cloud technology will be used
    to transmit 3D scans from patient
    location to manufacturing workshop
  • 3D Printing

    3D printing

    3D printing will be used make 3D models
    of the stump facilitating manufacturing of
    artificial limb with a high level of accuracy

Google s Press Release


Google.org supports Indian non-profits dedicated to improving access for people with disabilities through technology

Grant funding worth || 54 million to support disability benefits app and 3D technology to fabricate prosthetic devices and footwear

New Delhi, March 4, 2016: In an effort to help create more access and opportunity for people living with disabilities, Google.org today announced it will support three Indian non-profit organizations through more than 54 million (US$800,000) in grant funding. The recipients include the Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust, Leprosy Mission Trust India and Public Health Foundation India.
The grants are the result of the global Google Impact Challenge for disabilities, an initiative to invest US$20 million in non-profits that are using emerging technologies to increase independence for disabled people. NGOs from around the world were invited to submit ideas that would make a real, positive impact for people living with disabilities.
The grant to Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust will help them provide improved access to a well-fitting artificial leg through the use of 3D scanning and printing technologies. The Leprosy Mission Trust India will establish a facility to create high-quality, customized, protective footwear for people with leprosy using 3D technologies.
The Public Health Foundation India will develop a mobile app for village healthcare workers to rapidly and reliably assess eligibility for government disability benefits. 
The announcement was made by Kiran Kaja, Technical Program Manager, Google London at TechShare India in New Delhi, a leading conference on accessibility and inclusion. Google is the silver sponsor for the event.
“Innovative technologies are already helping to improve everyday life for people living with disabilities. Through these grants, we want to empower organizations to build impactful solutions that will create better access for people living with disabilities in India,” said Rajan Anandan, Vice President and Managing Director, Google India and Southeast Asia.
Globally, Google.org has donated over US$100 million in grants and US$​1 billion in technology resources​ in 2015 alone. 
About Google.org
Google.org, the philanthropic arm of Google, supports nonprofits that innovate to address humanitarian issues. Google.org was created to pursue, experiment with, and build upon ideas to improve the world, and continues to take an iterative approach to philanthropy today. Google.org develops and invests in pursuits that can have measurable impact on local, regional and global issues, and rallies Google’s people in support of these efforts with a singular goal of creating a better world, faster.  
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