Here’s something amazing you could do with your old-dormant Laptop.
As per India’s Ministry of Education data, less than 50% of schools in India have functional computers.
Imagine, if we donate our old-dormant laptops to these disadvantaged schools, how many children could benefit!
On one side there’s us - using smartphones, tabs, and the latest laptops. On the other are children struggling to build a stable future in this technologically driven world - without even a single computer in their schools, let alone their homes.
Honestly now, are they even getting a fair shot at education?
Well, we can surely help - by simply donating our old-expendable laptop. 
Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust is committed to the cause of donating expendable laptops to schools that are unable to afford computers. So, the children attending such schools become computer as well as internet literate, explore the world beyond boundaries, imbibe knowledge, find inspiration, and discover their true potential. With your support, this is certainly possible.

Donate Old Expendable Laptop

If you wish to donate your used laptop:
Pack the laptop well in cardboard while we arrange for a pick-up After checking/repairing it will be sent to a school in need
Watsapp: +91 74989 89292
Call: +91 85304 85324
You won’t be donating a laptop, but rather constructing the future of India. 
Kindly provide details below and we will
get in touch with you1.


Yashvi Jitu Rathod -Yashvi studies in 8th standard in SPRJ Kanyashala, Ghatkopar, which provides free education to all its students of semi-English medium school. Besides her, there are 4 family members living in Yashvi’s small house her mother, father, brother and her aunt. Yashvi's father is the only earning member in the family. His monthly income is Rs. 12000. Their electricity bill is Rs 1500 and water bill is Rs 3000. Yashvi's brother is in 10th standard and has asthma. His medical expenses amount to Rs. 800 every month.

Yashvi is very short in height because of a problem in her legs. Her legs are very weak. Many times she has fallen down due to the weakness. She was admitted in a hospital for treatment. She also went through many physiotherapy sessions which were expensive, but now she is able to walk.

Yashvi is a clever and bright student. And she's been given a Tablet by Ratna Nidhi Trust. The tablet has Byju’s teaching software installed, which has helped Yashvi gain more information and better understanding of subjects like Science, Maths and Social Studies. In Byju’s, the question are asked in an interesting manner and has helped Yashvi a lot to develop her skills.


Yashvi is short because of weak legs              Yashvi studying from her tablet                      Yashvi’s brother with his asthma pump

Harshita Arvind Waghela -Harshita Arvind Waghela is studying in standard 7th A in SPRJ Kanyashala, Ghatkopar. There are total five members in her family – she, her 2 sisters, her mother and father. Her elder sister is in 12th Standard, younger sister is in 4th standard. They are living in a self-owned single-room shanty, but there is no toilet in the house. They have to queue up for the public toilets outside.

Harshita’s mother works as a helper in a garment company. Her monthly income is Rs.7000. Harshita’s father gets epileptic fits, so he is not able to work. The monthly expense of his medicines is Rs. 1000, their light bill is Rs 1200 and the water bill is Rs 200. They are struggling with basic necessities.

Harshita is a very smart and bright student. So, in order to help her in her studies she has been given a Tablet by Ratna Nidhi Trust. There are Byju’s video lectures installed in the tablet in subjects like Science, Maths and Social Studies. As a result of studying from the tablet, there is a marked improvement in Harshita’s academic performance. The quizzes and questions asked in Byju’s lectures help her to improve her skills and remember better what she has learnt.


Bhumika Maganbhai Ramavat,  S.P.R.Jain Kanyashala (secondary girls’ school),  Std:10th / A -  There are 4 members in Bhumika’s family. Her father is a tailor by profession. His monthly income used to be Rs10,000/- per month. But due to the Covid pandemic and the frequent lockdowns in Mumbai he hardly gets any work. His income has fallen considerably.   Bhumika’s mother is a housewife. Bhumika has an elder brother who is a college student. They are staying in a rented shanty paying a monthly rent of Rs .4,000/-. The house has a tin roof.

Bhumika is very good in studies. She takes part in all school activities. She is a smart and good student. Last year, since she was not keeping well, the family had moved to their village, but still she was attending the online lectures through zoom and got good percentage in her Std. 9 tests.

Bhumika and her parents are very thankful for the tab received from Ratna Nidhi Trust, because of this she can attend her online classes very smoothly.


Riya Manoj Rathod - Riya Manoj Rathod is a student of class 9. She lives in a very small room in Bhattwadi, Ghatkopar. The bathroom and kitchen are within the single room. There are total 4 family members - mother, father, brother and herself. Younger brother is in first standard.

Riya’s father is an electrician and her mother is a housewife. Father’s monthly income is Rs. 7000. This makes their per day income Rs. 58.30 per person, which is below the poverty line. Their water bill is Rs. 300 per month and light bill is Rs. 800 per month.

Riya of course does not have a computer or laptop at home. She used to attend online classes of our school only when she had access to her father’s smart phone. The tablet she got from Ratna Nidhi Trust has helped her tremendously to keep up with her studies.  The tab has a Byjus app installed which has lessons in all subjects for class 1 to 10. The teaching method of Byju’s creates interest in learning. Riya can self study with the help of the Tab.

Riya is a very bright student. She participates in all activities in school. She won many prizes in inter school competitions. She wants to become a doctor.