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Are you a student struggling to get the right books for you assignment? A home maker looking for Harry Potter Series for your child without putting a hole in your pocket? A retired professional trying to develop a hobby of reading? A professional looking to further your career by learning more? The HR at your office hoping to encourage reading amongst your employees?

If yes, you are at just the right place!

Ratna Nidhi Library, Babulnath, Mumbai provides access to over 20000 books for all age groups! We allow a long borrowing time- 6 months to an year with 100% refundable deposit! Our wide range of books will interest children, students, NGOs, Corporates, professionals, retired personnel and many more.

From Paulo Coelho's Alchemist to Steven Covey's Seven Habits, from Peter Drucker To Romila Thapar, from Amitav Ghosh to J.K. Rowling; you will definately find the book of your interest! You can surf the books through our specially designed Library Management System accessible over internet if you are a member!

Membership is open for Schools, Colleges, NGOs, Organisations, Corporates and individuals too.

Library Inventory View : librarybooks.ratnanidhi.org



Only Rs. 250 membership for individuals, students, professionals, senior citizens, and organisations. 10% refundable deposit (For B2B - 10% Security Deposit) on borrowed books! 

Exclusive Member Benefits:  

1. You will become member of our library by paying only Rs 250, and then you can borrow as many books as you want free of cost as we do not charge any borrowing charges like other commercial libraries.    

2. Access to books for 6 months to a year for lending. 

3. You can refer to the books online, reserve your book even before visiting the library. 

4. Reader Advisory Service is given by an experienced librarian in terms of reference of books and use of library software. 

5. Timings:

  • Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday - 11:00 am to 07:00 pm,
  • Wednesday - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm,
  • Tuesday - Closed
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About Us

At Ratna Nidhi Library we want to get back the Joy of Reading!
We all have struggled to get that 'one' book to complete our work. Be it a project, office assignment, or reading just for pleasure. It is a challenge to get books at reasonable cost. Readers usually have the option to either buy the books, or rent it through a library and return within a short stipulated time.
Ratna Nidhi Library offers books free of cost against refundable deposit for 6 months to 1 year. Free lending ensures access to everyone, even a reader who is not earning; borrowing for longer duration enables reading at one's convenience and leisure. With a busy and hectic lifestyles for most of us, we hope these features bring back the joy of reading for everyone!

Our members have access to 20000 books - academic books on science, commerce, arts, entrance examination preparations, fiction, non fiction and many more. Extra copies of academic books which are high in demand are kept for larger benefit of students. Get to know the details of our books and our inventory now!

Our quick & efficient Library Management System (LMS) ensures surfing of books online to save time. As a member, you can look up the book you want, reserve it, come to the library and collect it without wasting time.

We also prove access to online publications and journals at the library.

Ratna Nidhi Library provides these features coupled with with modern interiors, air conditioning and an efficient LMS. Membership can be availed by individuals, corporates, organisations, NGOs. You can gift membership to that friend who is a bookworm too!

Become a member today at only Rs.250.

Our Offer

We will give you as many books as you want free of cost for 3 to 12 months only against 10% deposit (For B2B - 10% Security Deposit) which will be calculated on the cost of borrowed books and is refundable when you return.

Academic books on science, commerce, arts, entrance examination preparations, fiction, non-fiction and many more. Extra copies of academic books which are high in demand are kept for larger benefit of students. For professionals, latest book on management, self-development, training and other areas are shelved too. Get to know the details of our books and our inventory now!

Library Inventory View:

Our quick & efficient Library Management System (LMS) on cloud ensures selection of all books online to save time. As a member, you can look up books you want, reserve it, come to the library and collect it without wasting time.

Book Bank

Books Collection

Books for Junior College of Arts, Science and Commerce 

Environment Education, Languages: English Hindi Marathi, French Gujarati Spanish, IT, Psychology, Sociology, Logic, Economics, Book Keeping & Accountancy, Organisation of Commerce & Secretarial Practice, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science.

Books For Degree College Of Arts, Science And Commerce 

Arts: Economics, Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Multimedia and Mass Communication 

Commerce: Accountancy, Commerce, Finance, Management

Science: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology

Engineering Books: Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Technology, Industrial

Our Collection of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) include: Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Competitive Entrance Exam Books: MH - CET, NEET, UGC - NET, UPSC

Generic Biography And Autobiography, Reference Books, Books On Spirituality And Religion And Fiction

Our Collection in Fiction ranges from Action & Adventure, Children's Stories, Comics, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science fiction, Short stories, Thrillers and Suspense, Young Adults.

We have collection of non-fiction and self help.

Reference Collection: Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesaurus and many others. 

Free Borrowing of Books

Your Benefits

Student: Our books range from subjects related to arts, commerce and science. We have reference books for entrance examination, medical and engineering books as well. If you are more of a reader, you will love the fiction and non- fiction section too. Our books on self-development are much sought after not just by students, but adults as well! Get to know about our collection in details here.

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Homemaker: If you are a home maker looking to renew your hobby of ready, or you want your children to read- This is the place for you. If you are on a break and want to re-look at the academic concepts on management, finance, HR, you are at the right place!

Get to know about our collection in details here.

Professional: Are you an engineer? A doctor? Manager in a company? A teacher? You might be from any profession, our books on self- development, academic reference books, political science, general knowledge will be exciting for you! And our fiction section are a must for the time you want a break!

Senior citizen: For our senior citizens, we have a range of books from fiction, to non-fiction, self- development, spirituality, religion, etc. Check our collection of books here!


  • Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday - 11:00 am to 07:00 pm,
  • Wednesday - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm,
  • Tuesday - Closed


Books for Arts, Science and Commerce


148 Schools and Colleges & 21 NGOs benefit from “2021 Mission Million Book Exhibition” organised by Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, Mumbai and Rotary Club of Palanpur City on 6th Oct’21

Our entire centre building ground floor is fully packed with hundreds of table with books all around in from schools to junior colleges to entrance examinations to reference books and dictionaries and encyclopaedias and religious books.

We have received tremendous response by way of more than 1500 phone calls from interested institutions from all across Gujarat and surprisingly from Rajasthan as well which shows the hunger in current generation to read BOOKS to improve their life prospects in the environment of facebook and what up and e-learning.

Our Mission Million Books 10th Exhibition is on its way to make young Indians read by providing them most sought after assets which are HIGH QUALITY READING BOOKS.

We are grateful to our partners in progress ROTARY CLUB OF PALANPUR CITY to work hand in hand with us to make this happen and we are privileged to have them join hands with us to make a difference in the community.


COVID pandemic and lockdown has adversely impacted children across the country. While online classes were being conducted, many underprivileged students could not afford a mobile, or academic app for studying. Ratna Nidhi bridged this gap by the provision of academic based application through tablets with the support of Educare Foundation.

100 such tablets were provided at SPRJK school catering to underprovided girls.

No. of beneficiaries: 100


(i) To provide tablets to underprivileged students to ensure studying

(ii) To ensure there is no break in literacy during the pandemic

Project Impact

a.100 underprivileged girl students were assured of education

b.Continued education for 100 underprivileged girls 

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Centre now opens a computer centre and a library at Babulnath, Mumbai. Membership to the centre is now open.

Ratna Nidhi Library India


“On behalf of the Prestige International School, we acknowledge and express our gratitude for donating books. Your consideration, love and affection towards the library is really appreciable.” The Prestige International School, Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir, 25.06.2021

“Kamalnayan Bajaj Nursing College, Aurangabad received books in donation from your esteemed organisation. Our teaching faculty and student will remain thankful to you for providing these valuable books.” Principal, Kamalnayan Bajaj Nursing College, Aurangabad, 28.2. 2021

“Bombay Hospital College of Nursing has received 558 books in donation from your esteemed organisation. Our teaching staff and nurses will remain thankful to you for providing these valuable books. We will use these books to enhance our knowledge. Appreciate your help.” Mrs. Suchita S. Sawant, Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, 28.07.2021

“Thank you for your kind support in upgrading our library. Our library is now brimming with amazing collection.” Sunita Bhasin, Director, Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts & crafts, New Delhi. 12.02.2021

“Our school is greatful towards your generous contribution of book to the school library. We appreciate your generosity and efforts.” Headmistress, Anjuman Khairul Islam Urdu High School, Palghar, 24.10.2018

“We appreciate your kind gesture for considering Symbiosis International School to donate books. the books are of very good quality and we are happy with the collection.” Narendra Kumar Ojha, Director, Symbiosis International School, 1.10.2021

“We are glad that we were invited by you to visit one of the first kinds of Book Fair in our town. We were fortunate enough that we visited the Book Fair twice on the 5th of October as well on the 06th of October. The collection of books which your team presented are not easily available in our local market. Through your noble efforts, we and other schools also got a chance to have a variety of books from the Book Fair.” Deepak R. Purohit, Supervisor & Olympiad Incharge, Ascent School of Science & Business, Palanpur

“Organized exhibition under Ratan Nidhi Charitable Trust has source of developing thinking power. It is kind of educational fair.” Vijaybhai D. Choudhary, Principal, A.M. Shah High School, Palanpur.

"I extend a warm thank you on behalf of BIS community to you organization for the generous donation of twelve Spanish and thirty-three French books to our Library. I would like to assure you that the books you offered are extremely useful and will greatly benefit our students. Thank you once again for your kind gesture. We look forward to a continued busniess relationship and wish Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust much success for the future." Rupa Sen, Head of School, Bangalore International School, Bangalore.

“Very well organised and type of exhibition should be organised every year. It should be advertised so that more people get the benefits” Mr. Girishbhai C. Prajapati, Principal, Umiya Kanya Vidyalay and S.K.Ilasariya, U.M.school, Surtpura, Palanpur.

“Organised very well. This type of help develops reading habits among the pupils. Its good if this type of the exhibition should be organised every year.”  Mr. Vasantkumar D. Joshi, Principal, Sumarpan Madyamic School, Palanpur.

“Trust wish to give books without any charges. In current scenario of big cities libraries are not running where this kind of exhibition becomes the good source of getting quality books.” Mr. Maheshbhai Valjibhai Patel, Assistant Teacher, Shree. P.G.Doshi high school, Palanpur.

“Very good efforts where we are getting books without any discrimination of education and cast etc.” Namrata J. Parmar, Teacher, M.Mehta English Medium School (1 & 2), Palanpur.

“Organized exhibition under Ratan Nidhi Charitable Trust has source of developing thinking power. It is kind of educational fair.” Vijaybhai D. Choudhary, Principal, A.M. Shah High School, Palanpur.

“I like this exhibition because the books which we want that we got it.” Khumabhai Madhabhai Chauhan, Teacher, Branch P.K. School-2, Palanpur.

“This exhibition fulfils the need of readers. If same exhibition will be plan in future, then our students will get books as per their requirements.” Maheshkumar P. Gamot, Teacher, Adivasi Vidyalay, Ekbal Gad, Banaskantha.

“Diverse categories of quality books in the exhibition.” A.A.Tunvar, Principal, Aadarsh Vidyalay, Manpura, Banaskantha.

“High quality and diverse books collections which looks like treasure. I never seen such books exhibition in Gujarat.” Kirankumar Makwana, Student, Banaskantha.

“Exhibition organised very well and it is useful for all types of students.” Shaileshkumar Champaklal Makwana, Student, Banaskantha.

“It’s a remarkable initiative and treasure for books lovers. Best wishes for organisaing this type of exhibition in future ” Vivek J. Prajapati, Working Professional, Banaskantha.

“Astonishing exhibition. Today is the happiest day for the folks of Banaskantha. All sector books are very useful for students. We are thankful for organizing such a precious exhibition. Lots of thanks and gratitude.” J.K.Nathi, Principal, Asant school of science, A.T.Panchal vidyalay, Palanpur.

“All types books from religious to academics. Every time will get the books for reading will useful for me.” Payal Hasmukhbhai Parmar, Student, Banaskantha.

“Displayed books are very useful.” Rameshbhai Nursangbhai Ratda, Principal, Shree. T.D. Shah Vidyalay, Sagrosana, Banaskantha.

“Exhibition was good.” I.P. Upadhyay, Principal, Parimal Vidyalay, Punjpur.

“Exhibition was very good and useful.” Prakashkumar D Prajapati, Teacher, Adarsh Vidyalay, Vadgaon.

“Exhibition organised very well. Outside we spend huge money to by such books which we got it free in this exhibition” Maheshbhai Nayanjibhai Chauhan, Working professional, Banaskantha.

“Good exhibition.” Dharmendrakumar Parmar, Working professional, Banaskantha. 

"We extend a warm thank you to your organization for donating books to our studentsat IHM Mumbai. This help from your organization will be extremely helpful to our students in their acedemics. On behalf of the institute, I would lie to express our gratitude towards your kind gesture." Ms. Mruduta Barde, Administrative Officer, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition.

"This letter is to acknowledge the receiving of 1700 books from Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust in collaboration with The Open Door Project (TODP). We are extremely gratefulto you for your contribution. The books will help over thousand children in our school in the North East. We would like to update you that the books are kept in the sunbird office at Imphal. The distribution of the books in different locations will take place in Febraury 2022 as all schools are currently closed. We will share photos and videos post distribution." - Ajinkya Hande, Administrative Officer NE India, Sunbird Trust.

Academic Books On Science, Commerce, Arts


Enrol for Rs.250 on our website and become a member NOW!


Our address is

Ratna Nidhi Library

103, C/o Snehadeep Youth Association,

1st Floor, Municipal Chowpatty Market,

Dadysheth Road, Babulnath, Mumbai - 400007




You will be guided with membership benefits, charges, direction to library materials, advise on library services and assistance on access to other facilities like the computer and online publication.

Log in on the software, and select Ratna Nidhi Library. You have to manually search the names of books, authors, and categories. Please make sure to type the correct spelling. Click on the Go icon to the right of the search bar. The available data will be shown. Click on the  Reserve/place hold option given in the details of each book.

We do not have a borrowing limit. Borrow as many as you want. You can also borrow for your friends, relatives, etc.

Rs. 5.00 per day is charged as the fine for the overdue books.

First check the availability of the book in the OPAC. Login and reserve the specific copy.

Replace the same book or make the payment of the book cost.

Fill the online/offline form for issuing duplicate card. Submit a filled form along with a fine. A fine of Rs. 20.00 is charged for preparation of each duplicate card of the library.

  • Reference
  • Service
  • Current
  • Awareness
  • Service
  • Selective
  • Dissemination service
  • Interlibrary
  • Loan Orientation programmes
  • Access to e-resources
It is 10% of the book's MRP.

Below is the comparitive study showing the advantage of becoming a member

You can search the inventory books without becoming a member.

As you open the Ratna Nidhi Library Home page. Scroll down to the library brief. 

In that, you can find the inventory link - Library Inventory View: librarybooks.ratnanidhi.org

Members must borrow a minimum of 2 books availing the courier services.

Rs.25/Kg across India.

Yes, the member has to pay the courier charges.
Courier charges  + Security are supposed to be sent beforehand. 
Courier charges of both ways will be taken beforehand.
Process for getting the books by Courier:
Step 1 - Log in to the software using your username & password.
Step 2 - Search and reserve the books.
Step 3 - Drop us an email at
madhavi.jagdankar@ratnanidhi.org / lata.patil@ratnanidhi.org
Step 4 - Our team will contact you and inform you about the exact charges and date of dispatch of your shipment. After your payment confirmation.

Yes, whenever you borrow books, you have to pay the security deposit for each book. And it's completely refundable.

Whenever you borrow the books, you have to pay the refundable security deposit.

You may either receive it in cash immediately(if it's available) or by Google pay by the end of the same day.

Contact Us

If you wish to know more about us, please feel free to contact us:

In India

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust Babulnath Library
C/o Snehadeep Youth Association,
Municipal Chowpatty Market, Dadysheth Road, Babulnath,
Mumbai- 400007

GMAP link of library - https://maps.app.goo.gl/kvuCKR1ec3kZk3Xo9




Ratna Global Foundation

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