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Mini Library

A library is the heart of a town and to set up a library is to serve humanity.

In this age of digital revolution, the necessity and importance of books have increased more than ever before. Books are a source of priceless information in their original, unaltered form. However, they are pretty expensive or only available in a few libraries. Thus, accessibility to books is quite limited and acts as a hurdle in learning, especially for those who cannot even afford proper food, let alone education. The internet presents information teeming with unnecessary facts and figures that discourage readers. Hence, libraries have become an invaluable asset in today's complex world. Considering the knowledge they impart and the joy of reading they cultivate, libraries have held a special place in society for centuries. 

What is RatnaNidhi?

RatnaNidhi is a sincere effort to transform society by conditioning the next generation of future leaders, scientists, astronauts, artists, and politicians. The country's future belongs to its children, and we as adults are the mere custodians of their bright future. RatnaNidhi inspires underprivileged students, children, and even adults, with a zeal for learning by offering them free access to library facilities. Libraries allow children to ask the right questions about the world and find the answers to the same questions. And once a child learns to use a library, the door to learning is always open. The RatnaNidhi mini library project aims to identify institutes in and around Mumbai that could genuinely benefit underprivileged children in accessing a plethora of books to enhance their knowledge and provide them with an opportunity to learn. 

How do we work?

1. Institute Identification: RatnaNidhi carefully chooses multiple institutes in Mumbai to install the mini libraries. These institutions might include study centres, universities, schools, and homes for poor children, youth, and students. We then make thorough initial assessments through a visit/online call before presenting the library. Mini libraries are sent and set up at the institutes where there is a necessity. At RatnaNidhi, we plan to establish these mini libraries at 100 such institutes in Mumbai.

2. Construction of a Mini Library Cupboard: We will build kiosks to store and maintain the books for children to browse and borrow. These kiosks can accommodate a weight of around 25-30 kg, which is about 150-200 volumes depending on the size of the books. Thus, it is spacious enough to accommodate a plethora of books to satisfy the natural curiosity of an intelligent mind.

3. Kiosk transportation: After finalizing the tasks mentioned above, we then receive the RatnaNidhi Charitable Trust kiosk. It then gets transported to the respective institutes for proper placement.

4. Availability of books: Book sorting will begin at our office when the kiosk has been delivered and set up. Sorting the books is necessary to ensure that the books being delivered meet the institute's requirements. Academic literature, fiction, narrative texts, learning and training, English learning, self-development, and motivational books will be available. RatnaNidhi will donate English books for free. However, the institute must purchase Hindi/Marathi books if desired.

5. Institute Reports: The institutes that obtain the library need to report on how the library is being used and its advantages for the community. This helps us understand how we can improve our mission and further motivates us to go large scale.


Our Impact

We expect our initiative to prove fruitful due to our tireless efforts to offer underprivileged children a fair chance to broaden their horizons and mindsets. Every child that reads from our mini library would have learned something new that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future. A book can be an escape, it can be a home, and it can be a new path that opens multiple doors of opportunities.

It helps strengthen a child's curiosity and imaginative thinking, promoting visual learning and an understanding-based, conceptualized learning, thus allowing them to apply what they have learned. A good book can deliver value by seasoning the younger generations' minds with relevant literature and inspiring them to engage in productive activities.

Students who find it hard to access the internet to find extra information on what they are currently learning can benefit vastly from this initiative. The RatnaNidhi Mini Library makes the best books popular amongst students, widely available, and within reach. Because every kid deserves an equal chance at excelling, they must be provided with appropriate resources and a constructive learning environment to constantly stimulate their brains and help them grow out of the limitations of their social class.

RatnaNidhi eliminates the material deprivation hurdle of a high-yielding learning experience. Moreover, better reading habits will allow for better speaking and communicating skills that are essential and expected from future generations. Thus, our aim to set up 100 mini libraries throughout institutions in Mumbai will help us reach at least 10,000 or more underprivileged students. It isn't difficult to envision how 10,000 well-educated people could help India improve its literacy rate. We all anticipate a brighter future. But RatnaNidhi acts on it and draws results in unlocking the hidden potential in the youth of our country. 

How can you help?

Change is possible for the people, by the people. We believe joint efforts make dreams come true, and hence, a challenging project like ours will excel further with your help. Any generous donation provided by you could help us expand our cause and help more underprivileged people discover the brilliance of libraries and books. Building libraries for students in low-budget schools and colleges would become more feasible with your contributions.

Your donation could help us impact our country needs to guarantee a generation of bright leaders ready to pave the way for the nation we imagine. Your small donation will bring knowledge, which in turn will help them be civilized, lead a happy life, and maybe even innovate. 


The future of our country lies in your hands. Donate now, change the future, and change lives!
"India is facing an unprecedented challenge with our communities being impacted by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time to demonstrate solidarity, support and stand together to navigate through this crisis. The nursing staff along with the frontline Health workers have been fighting tirelessly during COVID-19. In order to offer healthcare services, we all health care proffessionals are working day and night. During this exhausted time your Ratna Nidhi library projects working as a stress release tools for all of us. We are all really enjoying the mini library during our Free time. The Trust provided us 140 fiction and nonfiction books with one mini library wooden cupboard. On behalf of all the nursing staff and health care professionals working at Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital Mumbai - 01 we would like to extend our sincere thanks and best wishes to Ratna Nidhi Charitable trust for the initiative to start Mini Library project at Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, Mumbai - 01." - Vijay Gaikwad, Social Service Superintendent (M.E.D) & Dr. Bhalchandra Chikhalkar, Superintendent - Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, Mumbai - 01 
"On behalf of "Prince Aly Khan Hospital", I would like to thank you for donating us the mini library for our staff. It will facilitate our staff to get access to good non-medical reading material within the Premises. We appreciate you philanthropyand thank you once again for your generous donation. - Dr. Nupur Trivedi, Medical Director, Prince Aly Khan Hospital.

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